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A quick bike…and screws?

Posted Aug 10 2010 12:00am

This morning I woke up to windows completely covered in condensation. It was all of 78 degrees in our house so with that much condensation on our windows it was obviously humid and gross outside. Still…I had to get my bum outside to run/bike at least a little bit. I figured if I went for a bike ride I would at least have a bit of breeze created by my supah fast riding skills!

There was a tiny bit of excitement on my ride. On one of the intersections I noticed that a what looked like a full box of long drywall screws was strewn across the road. These were evil looking screws – screws that could do a lot of damage to car tire. Or bike tire for that matter. It was a pretty busy intersection and I wasn’t feeling the need to risk my life to pick up 300 screws. Instead I opted to call the police. For whatever reason I have the local non-emergency police number in my phone. I gave them a call and hopefully they took care of it all. It wasn’t on my route to work, but it is on my route to the Y tomorrow morning. For the sake of my car tires I hope everything got picked up.

Workout: A pre-work bike ride that got me about 5 miles.

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