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A Pip & Myrrh Adventure: Rhode Island

Posted Aug 08 2012 7:44pm

It was time for another Pip and Myrrh (that’s me) adventure but this time we decided to pamper ourselves with lunch, shopping and massages.  What more could a girl want, right?  Although our last two adventures consisted of running, we thought a nice long walk in Providence would be the next best thing.  The heat and our lack of time had us changing our plans.  After lunch we ended up with only about an hour to walk around before heading over to our spa appointment.

We started out at Bravo Brasserie downtown on Empire Street.  Pip had been there before, but this was my first visit.  I loved the décor.  It is a very French Café inspired American Bistro.  The menu offered Brunch and Lunch as well as dinner and a huge display of wines.  Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the photos of the day.  I still do not understand what happened, but there is nothing I can do now but rely on source photos of places we visited.

01Bravo 02Bravo

( source )

Our lunch was scrumptious and you could really taste the fresh ingredients.  I would definitely choose Bravo Brasserie again.

We decided to walk off lunch with a little shopping at City Sports on Thayer, however the heat prevented us from going much further.  Another excuse to cut the walk short was to get to our Spa appointment early and spend some time in the Relaxation Room.

spa relaxroom ( source )

Taking advantage of a Groupon offer for The Spa at the Providence Biltmore we enjoyed a spa experience at an affordable price.  Pip was called into her appointment first and she thought her therapist was fantastic.  My therapist called me into my session about 5 minutes later.  Going into the day it was my goal to get a nice relaxing massage.  I wasn’t really looking for a deep tissue treatment, but Kenji Omori had other plans.  First I must admit to being taken aback that my therapist was a man.  Not that it really matters either way, but Pip and I were joking about it while we were waiting and don’t you know my luck.  After the session we were laughing about the whole situation.  Kenji’s treatment was very different than I was use too, it was more rough and less relaxing, but the results were fantastic.

With the heat of the day we decided our afternoon snack would be a trip over to Cranston and a visit to Pinkberry.  This was my first visit and wonder now why it took me so long to try it.  Yummy!  I chose the original tangy sweet flavor yogurt that reminded me of plain Greek yogurt.  I choose kiwi and strawberry toppings to complete this very refreshing healthy snack on the go.

yogurt_original ( source )

Our last stop on our grand Rhode Island adventure was in Warwick.  We headed over to shop at Trader Joe’s .  Love this store!  I keep waiting for a store to open closer to home because as it is now, I have to drive at least an hour to get to a store.

And so another adventure comes to an end.  It has been a true blessing to spend time with a good friend who shares not only a love for Christ, but many of the same interests and hobbies.  I feel there will be more adventures in the future.

running by faith,
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