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A PDR, Horse-Meat Meatballs and a Broken Knee

Posted Feb 26 2013 5:10am
Have you guys entered my Yoga Studio app giveaway yet? If not, do it quickly, entries close tomorrow. I guarantee you'll love the app as much as I do.

So it's Tuesday and I haven't yet told you about my PDR (personal distance record) from last Friday. Well, in a nutshell, I PDR'ed my run. Whoop! Although Alan (who still kindly coaches me via email every once in a while just to shut me up) had suggested a 12-mile long run due to the half marathon being the weekend before, I figured that I didn't deserve a shorter long run as I hardly pushed myself during the race. So stepped it up to 14 miles (the plan would've called for 14.5, but I ran out of road in the end, literally).

It was vicious and freezing. It was so windy and my first 7 miles were straight into the wind, with miles 3-7 not only into the wind but also uphill (yup, the same hill I had to muster during the half, figured I'd better keep practicing). So my pace was slooooow. I mean snail-pace-like (around 10:30 minute/mile methinks), though I can't say for certain as I didn't dare check my Garmin.

This is where I ended up after 7 miles, told ya I ran out of road. I had a quick energy gel, took a pic (it took me about twenty takes to get my feet AND the water into this without getting wet) and turned around. Luckily the way back was mostly downhill so for once in my life I actually ran negative splits!

You see, I wasn't being unduly hyperbolic* about the horror hills (though I can't show you how windy it was). And a frigging lifetime later, I finally made it home. No cramps. No issues. No nada. Just a slow, 14-mile-long plod. Very uneventful indeed. Which poses the question of what the hell went wrong during the half marathon were I was beset with serious crampage from mile 10 onwards... 

Anyhoo. That's it for running as well. On Saturday I had an easy 4 miles on the cross trainer to shake out my legs and did some Nike Training Club, followed by some serious chillaxing in the hot tub and Sunday I stretched my legs on an around-the-world trip at Ikea (and yes, I had some horse-meat metaballs while there. They were extra tasty I thought!). 

Yesterday morning I kicked the week off in style and pulled a double-whammy of 45 minutes of spinning in the morning (I forgot how much I love a good spinning class), followed by 15 minutes of NTC abs and an hour of Barrecore at Sweaty Betty at night.

Sometime between that 14-miler and yesterday's bike ride home from Barre, something gnarly happened to my knee. It just went. Gone. One minute I'm walking just fine, then it goes. And then we're ok again. It sux. I actually think it happened on Saturday night while we're taking the bus into town. I got up and somehow missed the small step in front of me and almost tripped and face-planted in the middle of the bus. My knee hasn't felt quite right since. I was totally pain-free during spinning but then it went as I got up from the table yesterday afternoon. Barre was fine but the bike ride home was agonizing (ever tried cycling one-leggedly? Interesting experience!). I worked out that cycling on my tippy toes on my right leg was the only pain-free way of cycling. So I did. Needless to say it took me a while longer to go home.

I was hoping to go for an easy run along the seafront this morning to break in my new Brooks that arrived yesterday but it's a no-go. Knee is in pain. Now not only while moving, but also while sitting down. I guess it's time to rest and roll out the yoga mat for some Yoga Studio action . *Sigh* Let's hope this is just temporary!

Hello beauties. You'll have to sit tight for a while longer yet...

How was your weekend long-run? Any PDRs?

Tell me one fun fact about your weekend. 

Any horse-meat fans? I thought my Ikea meatballs were tasty as ever.

*Thanks go to Professor Brian Cox for his fantabulous enthusiasm and wonderful expressions that G and I can't help plagiarising (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go and watch Wonders of Life on the BBC).

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