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A One-Horse Running Sleigh

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:38pm
If I were to offer you (a) all the gasoline you would ever need to power your car from today until the time at which you would no longer be driving (due to being too old and too slow) or (b) a treadmill and a horse (it could pretty much any type of horse you wish except for those Budweiser clydesdales), which would you choose? While I assume most people would choose option (a), I know there is at least one person out there who would opt for option (b). You see, dear readers, for Iranian engineer, Hadi Mirhejazi, option (b) will enable him to do the same thing as option (a). Huh?

Last year, Mirhejazi, inspired both by 19th Century cultural amores and 21st Century technologies, built his vision of the the future... The Naturmobi l!
Put simply, the Naturmobil is a horse, tethered to a treadmill, inside a clear box
on six wheels. The driver and passenger sit in the front, while the horse is in the back standing on a treadmill. To get moving you simply turn on the treadmill and wait for the "engine" to start trotting. The horse's movement, aided by 20 gears, recharges the treadmill's battery, and keeps the vehicle moving. At its maximum performance levels, the car can trot at a brisk 28mph.

That's right, a car powered not by gasoline but by the energy created from a horse galloping on a treadmill. Combining the romantic aspects of the horse and buggy with the speed of modern society, Mirhejazi has truly created something...different. And for those of you who saw the Seinfeldepisode where Kramer fed a horse a heaping portion of baked beans and then laughed uproariously as the horse began to feel the effects, Mirhejazi developed a colostomy bag and "The waste is then collected beneath the treadmill, 'so the road will not get dirty or smell bad'; a selfless design, given there is no
partition between horse and driver".

Unfortunately, Mirhejazi realized too late that his Naturmobil is simply not equipped for the rugged terrain of today's modern (or, in the case of Iran, non-modern) terrain. He has been forced to sell his vehicle, its patent, and $100,000
to anyone who (and this is not a joke) can explain why the Naturmobil was really invented. Currently, nobody has answered correctly.
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