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A Number of Things

Posted Nov 14 2012 8:09am

1. When Brj and Madeline were visiting last week I got to eat Rick Bayless twice in the span of two days. It was amazing. I love them that much more now.

2.  Speaking of things I love, Macy’s has been entirely decorated for Christmas since November 1.  Each time I go in, I consider never leaving.

3. And since we’re on the subject of Brj and Madeline, when we went on our beer tour, Max’s souvenir beer glass was wrapped in this:

4.  This appeared in the latest issue of Bon Appetite:

 Can’t wait to start ordering ants at restaurants.

5. I accidentally  put one of my new sweaters in the dryer. Did I mention it was my new favorite shirt and $50.00? Ugh.

6. When I was in Orlando I was lucky enough to pee in the most inspiring bathroom of all time:

Don’t you love seeing a reflection of me in a bathroom stall? I’m sure the other people in the bathroom were wondering what was going on when they kept hearing the shutter sound on my phone go off while I was in the stall.

7.  FINALLY People Magazine got it right!

When this was announced on the local Chicago news this morning, (hey, it’s big news) I screamed “WOOHOO!” which I’m sure PartyDog appreciated.

I can die happy.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

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