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A New Toy

Posted Dec 13 2012 1:18pm

Brrr….Tennessee is getting cold and chilly.  It was literally 72 degrees this weekend and today it is 32 degrees.  Mother NayNay is getting craycray this time of year.  This morning after dragging around and eating some breakfast, Momma and I bundled up and hit the bike trail for our morning 3 mile walk.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but I still wrapped up with lots of warm clothes.  By the end of the walk I was a little sweaty but not hot at all.

that right there is a bundle of joy

that right there is a bundle of joy

My new Garmin 410 came today and I could not be more excited!  It is still doing its initial charge so I can’t play with it just yet, but I’m waiting patiently.  I was able to set up my Garmin Connect profile so if anyone has one of those then let me know so I can follow your training!  It already fits my wrist way better than my clunky 305.  Luckily my boyfriend has willingly agreed to take over my Garmin since he has gotten into exercise.  Garmin love all around!

c'mon and charge

c’mon and charge

I go tonight for a continuation of my fitness instructor training.  Tonight’s training will be with an actual class and I’ll be leading a little bit.  Send positive thoughts my way and hope I don’t mess up too much!

How has your week been?  Do you have a Garmin?  Have any tips for cold weather exercise?

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