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A New Plan

Posted Dec 15 2012 11:04am

I obviously have not had much to report on the running front lately. I am now having knee issues in both legs, and I’m about >-< this close to giving up. I love running, but I hate the pain more. I have endured aches and pains all summer and fall. I’ll have a good run, and then be unable to run again for days or weeks. It has discouraged me to the point where my healthy lifestyle is suffering. I am not eating well, not counting calories, not exercising as much, and I just know that if I don’t get it under control, I will be starting over in a year or two.

So, I have come up with a new plan. It is time to start cycling. I am going to get on the trainer three days a week for at least half an hour and add that to my daily walks, which should get my mindset back on track. Running, while it is awesome, is not the only form of exercise out there. I could be doing my step aerobics. I could be doing zumba and yoga and get back to weight training. I’ve just totally let things slide, and I don’t like it. I even dream that I’m getting fat again. It is NOT worth it. I worked too darned hard to let it all go. And my cruise is less than a month away! I don’t want to outgrow my pants (which I dreamed I did last night! :’( )

Time to get back on track. Back to My Fitness Pal. Back to eating right and drinking my water. Back to my new lifestyle!

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