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A new approach to injury management

Posted Mar 15 2013 8:45am

As I mentioned in my  race recap  from this past weekend I started having hamstring issues well that soon migrated to my calf leading to a failed run attempt on Sunday and then time off. The last I ran was An easy run Tuesday with my team which included walking. A similar calf issue crept up last winter while I was training for Boston and my approach was to keep running and just complain about it, not such a smart idea but I know every runner has done it! This resulted in a tibial stress fracture and continued calf and hamstring issues all year. This time I am taking my own advice and a new approach: no running!

I am still early in the year and I can not deal with another poor racing season. So my plan this year is to Be Smart and Listen to my Body. I have been sticking with elliptical, strength training and biking instead, had hoped to do some pool running but the deep pool hours are terrible and often too early or during naptime. My plan...

Rest: No running but still staying active with any other activity that does not cause pain My workouts this week
Ice: Not as great on this, but 1-2 x day but should be up to 4
Compression Socks: I put on my socks and the relief is wonderful :) I even decided to order a new pair since they are 40% off at  ProCompression  this week (code MARCH). Now to decide on blue or orange since the green is out, what color should I get?
Yes, I have cold feet and wear huge socks all the time.
Massage: The foam roller has become my companion again. But I have my own little massage therapist at home. 
I started foam rolling and O says "Mommy I need to "lift" (stretch) your leg then "push on it" (massage) when you are done." Raising a runner or massage therapist! 

 Someone also suggestion epsom salt which I haven't tried. I talked to sports doctor yesterday at my clinicals about kinesio tape and he gave me his opinion to avoid it since there is minimal evidence to back it up and no biomechanical benefit. Good to know. Any other injury suggestion before it turns into a bigger deal?  I am hoping this is enough to run pain free in the half tomorrow, I think I need to throw out my goals and just run. Meaning I'll likely have my iPod, Any song suggestions? I haven't updated in months. 
Linking up for Fitness Friday with Jill. Remember come back here on Monday for a weekly training link up .Don't forget the  Spring to Fitness Giveaway   ends on Sunday, lots of prizes to win!
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