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A Most Inspiring Weekend Recap, Enjoy!

Posted Nov 19 2012 12:00am
Days of no running: 22 (argh!)

Friday: 3.75 miles of walking and catching up with Anna

Saturday: 4 miles on the elliptical; 30 minutes of weights; 400m of swimming: attempting to learn how to crawl whilst trying not to drown

Sunday: 10k/20mins bike; 2.5miles/20mins elliptical; 1mile/15mins, uphill walking on TM (10-15% incline); 250m swimming; 10mins in the hot tub!!!

Also rather noteworthy: an entire weekend of clean eating (minus that Twix caramel-chocolate-covered shortbread that accidentally fell into my mouth yesterday...) and mostly homemade dishes (from scratch), aside from that salad I had at the gym on Saturday. It looked something like this: 

Yup, you've seen this before, but only because the much-better banana pancakes I made on Saturday were gobbled up in 2.2 seconds
Followed by a healthy lunch at the gym...

... a quick oatmeal-cookie afternoon snack (though I wouldn't recommend the recipe, bit strange!)...

...and one rainbow-colored salmon stir fry for two.

And lest we forget, because we live in Cambridge and this town is so rock'n roll, we got to see Chico (yeah, Brits, remember Chico?!) make Cambridge go from this

To this

One of the most anti-climactic moments of my life. Let it be said, we left before he started singing (I did, in fact, know what time it was).

Going home to make this was a much better use of my time!

I know that you're all green with envy reading about my rockstar-lifestyle and fantabulously inspiring weekend. I mean how much more bada$$ can you get?
How was your weekend? Did you race? Did you run for fun? Did you do anything else amazing?
Also, I've heard all kinds of people say 'amazeball' this weekend. Where the heck does that come from? And why am I the last person to hear about this? I must be the least cool person in the world!
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