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A Long Run Success + 42 Days to Rev3

Posted Apr 20 2013 4:38pm

Today’s training lesson: sometimes you have to be versatile. Versatile enough to sit on the couch on a Saturday morning instead of ride your bike.

Versatile…but not lazy. You didn’t think I was just skipping my ride did you?! I’m switching my workouts up a bit this week because evidently my immune system isn’t quite keeping up with my training. I have a little cold which frankly, I don’t have time for. But here I am. Adjusting. Flying by the seat of my pants, as they say. (Where did that saying even come from?)

In all honesty, I had planned to wake up early to swim, however there was a slight miscommunication on who was setting the alarm; me or Brendan. (Or so he says!!) We’re visiting his family this weekend, and a friend who works at a nearby gym was supposed to “get me into the pool” AKA sneak me in. However, I slept right through 8AM when I needed to be there. So, being the versatile triathlete (can I call myself that?) that I am, I gave myself a little extra rest that I most certainly needed, ate a nice breakfast at an actual table, and enjoyed some time with Bren and his family. Around 12PM as the guys went to the golf course, I went on my run. A NOON run! Imagine that. I always seem to be under the impression that running after 9AM is just TOO LATE. Since I didn’t have a busy day today, 12PM it was. And it was warmer and sunnier than earlier this morning, so +1 for me. I plan to ride tomorrow afternoon once we get back – not ideal, but you have to make it work, right?

Thanks for showing up, sunshine.

Thanks for showing up, sunshine.

Also…drumroll…I completed my longest run post-injury! It was 5.25 miles and was probably the slowest 5.25 miles I’ve ever run, but I did it. I felt good. Not fantastic, but fine. I’m still scared but I realized as I started daydreaming about the Rev3Quassy in 42 days , I felt better. When I wasn’t thinking about my foot every second, I felt stronger. When it popped back into my head, I immediately got nervous again. Does that mean I’m doing well with physical recovery and now I need to work on mentally recovering? Maybe. Who knows. For now I’ll take my little 5.25 mile victory. And I promise I’m not slacking…pain or not, I’m still icing (as we speak)!

So, I have 5 weeks to be able to run 13.1 miles as a part of my Rev 3. My PT thinks that as long as I continue progressing with no pain, I can get there. I can be a little more aggressive with my mileage (not pace) and hopefully get up to at least 10 or 12 miles before race weekend. I’m trying to stay as positive as possible; I think my biking and swimming has been helping. Plus, I have five whole weeks to continue getting stronger at PT. On Thursday at Finish Line I did a million variations of squats and lunges and I’m still sore today. But that’s a great feeling!

You are so smart, fortune cookie.

You are so smart, fortune cookie.

I really, really want to make it to the Quassy starting line feeling strong. I want to smile and wave to my friends and family as I bike and run past them. When they ask me how I feel, I want to say “EFFING AWESOME”. When I drag myself out of the water, I want to be able to stand up straight and hop right on my bike…and not forget where I actually put my bike. (Apparently people sometimes get dizzy and disoriented from standing up so quickly after being horizontal for so long. This happens to me when I stand up too quickly at work, which doesn’t  exactly bode well for me.) At least I know I’ll be safe; Rev3 has recently been making huge strides in regards to swimming safety; I just found this article about their new swim safety initiative , stating:

REV3 will be prioritizing the recruitment of open water professionals for safety on the water, over certified pool lifeguards. The swim coordinator is also taking additional training and getting certifications for open water training. All other staff is also receiving enhanced training.

“Being proactive is a key in this growing sport. We are working with local cardiologists at each event to try and offer heart screening leading up to the event and during the expo,” Patten added. “Knowing about pre-existing conditions is key.  If negative results are found, those athletes who feel the need to withdraw will be given a 100% refund.”

I don’t need to tell you why this is great. Always good to know that I have professionals looking after me in the water. I’m always saying I’ll be fine in open water, I grew up swimming in lakes, blah blah blah, but triathlons are just a whole different story. So many people flapping around near you. Pressure from the clock. Yikes.

They also go on to say that they’ll be holding a swim clinic the day before their races to go over special open water swimming tactics. Yeah, most people should be familiar with open water swimming before trying a 70.3 triathlon, but I think it will be helpful to hear from a professional…in easing the jitters at the very least. Speaking of which, I definitely need to find somewhere to try out my new wetsuit in open water before June 2nd. (Anyone have any ideas?!)

As I mentioned, on my run today I was thinking about what I’m looking forward to most during the Rev3Quassy.  Here’s what I was daydreaming about:

1. Again, seeing my friends and having a smile on my face. Being able to say I feel strong.

This strong!

This strong. This happy!

2. Dominating those hills. I know they’re coming and I plan to be overly prepared for them. I ain’t scared!

3. Running a half marathon again. Running double digit mileage again.

4. Swimming my longest race distance. Swimming in a wetsuit. Not drowning. (Always on my list.)

Hopefully I'll be a little more successful than I was when bed swimming.

Not to be confused with bed swimming. 

5. Starting with some of my Team In Training teammates. Being a part of a team.

The IronTeam is Boston Strong!

The IronTeam is Boston Strong!

6. Finally seeing what all the fuss is about when it comes to Rev3 events . Everyone has nothing but positive things to say about how well their events are run…I’m pumped to be a part of it!

7. The freakin’ glow run + outdoor movie on Friday night. Best thing ever? I think probably!

8. Finishing. Celebrating. Being there with my friends. Cheering. Lots of smiles and high fives.

9. Lots of hard work. Putting it all out there on the course. Proving I can do it.

10. Not a lot of travel for such a big event. Sleeping in my own bed that night. (What? I love sleeping!)

I just really love sleeping.

A well rested Kara is a happy Kara!

What’s your favorite thing about racing? 

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