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A little bit about today and yesterday....

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:47pm
Yesterday, I had the awful chore of visiting my dentist. Not that he isn't a great guy, but Novocaine needles and dental drills are not things I like.
The waiting room was calming, seeming like a Victorian tea room, very comfy, but in a prim and proper way. For the restless, there was a very well equipped game room. For those wanting to give the techs a little more to clean from betweenst their molars, there were chocolate chip cookies! After taking me to the torture room, and strapping me into a reclining position, the doctor approached with needle in hand!! Actually, he had his technique pretty well perfected and the whole ordeal including the drilling was not to uncomfortable. And the cool thing was the tooth in question was not so far gone that I have to have a root canal done. Whatever they use to numb the area was pretty potent, if not at least long lasting. I still had no feeling in the right side of my mouth or face for 10 hours later.

Today, Dana and I headed to the river for a short run. We started at 41st and Riverside and headed north to the pedestrian bridge, crossed, and went south to the rapids near the west shore. It was unbelievably windy! Dana had not seen the zigzag trail down to the water. From that vantage point, the rapids are pretty impressive, for the old muddy Arkansas river that is.
The return trip was right into the 35 mph wind, which is a great substitute for hill training if you ask me.
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