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a hurried thrown-together post

Posted Aug 23 2011 9:53am
This is gonna be quick. Last weekend was a good one for training. There was not a hint of speed, but the time-on-feet was sufficient for ultra-training. Early Saturday morning, I ran with my buddy Pat and the RW gang. I got in 15 miles, and headed home for a nap. The nap never happened though, and when Midnight rolled around, a motley crew of runners assembled at our house for a night run.

We ran from our house down the west side of the river and back up the east side using Quik Trips for our aid stations. The QT at 15th and Denver was swarmed by 50+/- cars of rowdy sorts who had hip-hop music with the bass so loud it vibrated my brain. We were stupid enough to sit at a table in front of the store and the scenario rapicly deterioated as one group got into a shouting match (complete with a series of colorful hyphenated 4-letter words) and it seemed like we were only seconds away from seeing knives or guns. Dummy me and K2, along with BeeSting Bob were on the wrong side of the parking lot while the rest of our running team exited to the south. Fortunately, we were able to walk right past the mayhem, and escape unnoticed. This was taken in front of Tulsa Ballet. Sorry for the fuzzy shot. I was running without my glasses, and obviously did not have the Canbon set on the proper setting for a clear pic. All but BeeSting ran 23+ miles, and spent the whole night doing it.

Dana went home, showered, and crashed. I went to Tuekey Mountain to run a short jaunt with the TOTs. The numbers on Sunday mornings have dwindled sl;ightly, and I musyt have smelled really bad because only six runners joined me. We got three miles in, and I was surprised I still had some shuffle in me. I went out for another couple of miles afterward, and took a few pics. I am in a picture-taking slump right now. Most of it is due to not swinging the bat. No snaps means no pics. 20 snaps means a few good ones at least. This one was the best of the crop from Sunday morning. Happy running, everyone.
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