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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pool

Posted Jan 26 2012 12:04pm

Fun fact: I was a drama dork in High School but was too shy to be in the actual plays and musicals. So I was on the costume crew instead. You’d think I’d have developed a better sense of style from that endeavor, but I didn’t. Fun fact 2: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is REALLY funny – and it lends itself nicely to blog post titles.

So the pool at my gym is really tiny – it’s 4 lanes. Sometimes I can go and there are only a few other people there and sometimes I can go and it’s crazy crowded. Like last night – there was an Aqua Fitness class going on. The instructor said he’d only use one lane and the rest of the lanes were open for swimming. I was swimming in the lane that was going to be used for class but he said I could swim there until class started (then I just hopped into another lane with two other nice folks. See, I can share lanes).

Last night, while I was swimming in my lane before class, some of the old folks who take Aqua Fit joined me in my lane said the craziest stuff.

Old woman: Excuse me, do you need to move your arms so much? You’re getting my hair wet.
Me: Um, yes, I’m really sorry but I do need to move my arms.

Old man: Do you mind if I share you hug board?
Me: ….. my what?
Old man: That blue board that you’re hugging. Can I please use it?
Me: OH! My kick board. Sure!

They're coming to get me with their styrofoam weights.

( image source )

It ended up that the class was larger than expected and the instructor needed a second lane.  He got into a huge fight with two women who were aqua jogging and refused to share with the Aqua Fit class because they “splash too much and mess up their make up”.  Seriously.

Lesson of last night: Wait until AquaFit is over to get in the pool on Wednesdays.


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