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A Firecracker on the Fourth

Posted Jul 06 2009 8:06pm


 At last year’s Lutz Independence Day 5K Run, I cramped terribly within the first mile, which I believed to be a result of starting off way too fast (7 mm) and perhaps being too hydrated.  Since last year’s race, I’ve tried to find the right balance of hydration (which I am still trying to figure out), but mostly I avoid drinking 30 minutes prior to my runs.


Fortunately, for this year’s 5K, I avoided starting off too fast and I maintained an 8:30-9:00 mm pace for most of the run.  I stopped at the water stations for a quick drink and to pour water on my head in an attempt to not overheat.



At the start of the race, Tiffany and I spotted a very peculiar patriotic runner.  She wore a flag bikini top, red shorts, combat boots, a stars and stripes tiara and combat boots.  To complete the ensemble, she had a flag sticking out of the back of her shorts.  Since she wore desert combat boots, I assume she must have been a veteran.  Therefore, out of respect for our troops, I will not ridicule her attire, but I have to know one thing:  How could she run with a stick up her butt?  Do they teach that in boot camp?


soldier girl


The 5K course twisted through a residential neighborhood.  To help cool overheating runners, home owners and spectators aimed garden hoses and sprinklers into the streets.   At the one mile mark, a husband and wife team distributed water to the runners, a service they’ve happily offered for the past 20 years. 

  Lutz 5K_1


Lutz 5K_2


The heat really made the race a struggle, but I survived another ridiculously hot race and thankfully, I avoided any cramping.  My time was o.k.  Honestly, I wasn’t planning to break any PR.  I’m just glad I didn’t pass out from the heat.  Cool Running lists a different time/pace for my race results, but I am going by my good ol’ Garmin.


Time 27:50

Ave Pace 8:58



Even though this race is ridiculously hot, I love the small town fair after the race.  Pony rides, kettle corn and crafts make this race a family affair.  Sadly, my family missed my firecracker performance and the Fourth of July fair again.



The small town fair reminds me of something you would see in a romantic comedy.  Boy meets girl.  Girl pukes on girl from heat exhaustion.  Like projectile vomit, their love is unstoppable.

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