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A few miles before work

Posted Sep 16 2011 12:40am
One day last week--I don't remember for sure what day--no, it might have been the 8th or at least that's the date I loaded these pictures--it doesn't matter--I drug my lazy butt out of bed and went for a short run on Turkey Mountain before work. Part of my intent was finding a newly placed geocache which I will not go into great detail as to where it is cuz I wanna be the FTF! (First To Find, for those of you who do not speak Geocachese.) Suffice to say I went up this way. Where is this? Well, I was soon to be scaling a great hill (for Turkey Mountain standards.)
It was a great morning--a little cooler, but not as cool as it has been the past couple of daybreaks. The sky was a surrealistic blue with quick blurred brushstrokes of undyed cotton. Some of the leaves were turning from a dried greenish brown to a dried rusty brown that with a little imagination and a special camera filter made them look Autumnish.
Meandering around northward and westward, I nearly tripped over a trail new to me. Actually, this is a very old trail that had grown over and was forgotten. Someone (I bet a group of mountain bikers) had groomed it a little around the edges, and made it seem as if it was always there. The call was unmistakable--I had to give it a run!
And run I did. This stretch of single-track is almost straight as Indian's arrow, and descends enough to be fun and fast, but gradually enough that running back is not all that bad. It serves as a good shortcut, although for most trail runners and mountain bikers, shortcuts are seldom used. I'll work on finding a way to use this "shortcut" trail to make some of my routes longer.
Near the end, I stopped to shoot these prickly pear cacti--cousins to the thousands I saw later at Do Wacka Do. I seem to remember someone making jelly out of these--way back when I was a kid.
But back to the geocache--I was sure I was close to where my friend said it was. He even had pictures of his DW and son who were with him as he placed it in the most secretive of hiding places. Geocaching is a funny thing--people hide things that they want other people to find. A good geocache is one that is hard to find. This "trap" of sorts was not a clue to the cache. I was just puzzled as to why it was here. Maybe some folks were trying to trap/snare a bigfoot? A huge ape-man/Sasquatch could easily step on the brittle sticks and fall between the rocks and what? Skin his knee?
So here's my theory. The said bigfoot came by and saw right through the folly of the trap, and put these small rocks on the big rock up as a communication of his disapproval. Hey, I COULD be right!!

After about 20 minutes of looking, I gave up on getting the FTF, and will go back again with accurate coordinates and do a more scientific search.

I am always looking for mysteries on Turkey Mountain--new trailz, rock formations, and my favorite is Faces in the Rocks. This is a rock on the west side of Turkey Mountain near a trail that everyone runs on who ventures that way. I'm not sure just WHAT it is--a giant insect, a face of some alien with huge ears?
This face could be that of an alien, or maybe the top section of a totem pole. This was a day I was glad I brought my camera.
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