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A few links to get you through..

Posted Jul 27 2009 10:51pm

Hi runners, here are a few posts that stood out to me this week:

  • From Writers Block, she had a great post about why she runs.  "I run because it is a challenge and it' s not easy.  When I run I feel very powerful. My head is clear at the end of a run. My body has been put to the test and my mind feels like it has accomplished something great."   Isn' t it funny that sometimes we dread and look forward to the challenge all at the same time?
  • Mark shared a great description of the physical benefits of running on his recent post on his blog, Kendo.   Here is an excerpt - drop by and read the rest.   "There are many reasons why I run. The greatest of which are the health benefits. It took me ten years, but I can finally say I enjoy the actual running itself. "    Isn' t it a great day (or year) where we run for a reason AND enjoy it!
  • Collection of great running quotes on the blog, Puma Racing Shoes.
  • Being a huge fan of cookies and beer, I couldn' t resist sharing this short but eloquent post from Sun Runner:  " Why I run: so I can drink good beer. Right now I am in Ypsilanti' s Riverside Park at the Michigan Brewers' Guild Summer Beer Festival. I look forward to this event all year. In my left hand is a Scotch ale from Copper Canyon Brewery. I am happy. Life is good. So is beer."
  • From Harmony' s travels comes a great idea - make a list of the Top 10 reasons why you runs.  In her top ten list are important things like peanut butter cookies, cheese an da quest to find the cleaniest porty potty. 
  • From The Beginning of Something Legendary comes a good reminder.  Sometimes running doesn' t feel good physically, but it feels good mentally.  " so I was able to run today. Wow! Did that feel good. Now what might be interesting to you is this: It did not feel good physically. I am a little sore 5 hours later. But it did feel wonderful clearing my head. And that is why I run!
    Exercise just helps you clear you head. I don' t care if you like running, or if you are a basketball person, boxer, whatever. Just do something! Get your head cleared!"
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