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A Farewell Run

Posted Dec 04 2012 12:00am
[N.B. It seems that my blog via email delivery hasn't worked in forever. I think I've fixed it now but you'll have to re-subscribe in that box over there.... Thanks! -----------------> ]

I am excited about moving down south. But it's a bittersweet change. I've made some amazing friends here over the past seven years and I will miss them a whole lotta lot.

On Sunday, my running buddy par excellence and I went out for a 6-miler to kick off our half-marathon training. We've trained together for our last three half marathons (!!!), so it's going to be extra strange not to have each other's weekly support for our next race. Anna is running the Cambridge half marathon again in March while I'm doing the Brighton half in February. 

With the start of December, winter has kicked off in full force. We woke up to a bright blue sky, frost and sunshine. Perfect winter running weather. I was running slightly late as I'd forgotten about the gazillion different things you need for a cold run. But once I'd unearthed my thermal long sleeve, high-viz running jacket, gloves, neck warmer, headband, thermal running leggings and even my thermal running socks, I was finally ready to go!

Phew, it's hard work sometimes just getting out the door!
Anna and I didn't do anything adventurous. Just our regular six-mile circuit along the river, through the country park and then back home along a less-scenic main road. It was absolutely gorgeous out and we quickly got hot in our warm layers.

As it was also our first run together since pretty much the GER, we had plenty to catch up on (well, we did just see each other last week, but still, there are always worries to share, plans to make and gossip to dish out...).

Crisp and clear and beautiful
The day was beyond stunning, I can't go on enough about that. Maybe I was just that starved of sunshine after the week we'd had. 

We took the first three miles at a pretty decent 9:30mm pace, slow enough to yap. However, as soon as we'd turned towards the park we were met by one fierce and icy headwind, so slowed right down.

Do you know how sometimes you have a run that's just good for the soul? Well this was it for me. We didn't run particularly fast but we had no issue picking up from where we'd left off, fell into a rhythm right away and just got on with it.

By the time we got to our parting corner we really weren't ready to say 'see you later' just yet as we'd just worked out that this will have been our last long weekend run together. I'm pretty gutted to be losing my favoritest running buddy, but I know we'll still be around to give each other virtual kicks up the backside and get each other moving and ready in time for our next race. Just not in person.

I'll miss ya, girl!

And just for good measure: Anna's posterior for posterity!

Have you moved recently? How did you go about meeting new running buds?  

Any good running clubs I should check out once down there?  

Any of you local to my soon-to-be new stomping grounds? I seem to have a vacancy for a new running bud! Applications accepted via email, Facebook and Twitter. ;)
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