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A day of eats on the sugar detox

Posted May 08 2013 6:45am

It’s day three of seven for the sugar detox.   For those of you who are participating, how is it going? Often the first few days are the hardest, so congrats on getting this far!

I’m finding this round a little easier than the first one, at least so far.  As long as I keep chocolate out of the house, I do alright replacing it with other snacks.

So for What I Ate Wednesday , I’m going to run through my day yesterday.  Breakfast was oatmeal made with coconut milk, chopped pears, mila (ground chia) and almond butter.

I dropped L off at her Tues/Thurs program, and came home to listen to my Integrative Nutrition lectures and catch up on school work.

One was a fascinating talk on emotions and eating… packed with good stuff.  She touched on intuitive eating and the importance of focusing on our food and avoiding the computer/tv/radio while we eat, so that we can take pleasure in our food and feel satisfied.  I know this, but I realized (as I listened, and checked email, and took notes and ate my lunch) that I’m not very good at practicing it.

I pulled out leftovers for lunch from the Garden Enchiladas (quinoa/zucchini bake) over arugula with avocado.

After lunch, it was time to pick up L.  I was hoping to be productive during her nap, but I was not focusing well and I finally realized I was exhausted and gave in to a nap. I hardly ever nap during the week, but it was amazing! Post nap, I did some snacking and caught up on emails… oops… multi-tasking with my food again.

Almonds, raisins and cacao nibs (no sugar); clementines

L was up before long.  I had woken up so refreshed, but I can’t say the same for her…

Even as a baby, she used to always wake up grumpy! Thankfully it’s less often now, because it’s not so fun for either of us.  She finally cheered up and we did some coloring and reading.

I ate an early mini-dinner before spin.  Roasted sweet potato, more arugula, tuna, salsa and sauerkraut- I snapped a picture before mixing it all together into a delicious but less visually appealing combo.

There was a last minute work event for hubs (with food), so I didn’t have to cook.  He got home and took over parenting, and I headed out the door to teach.  I got to spin to find out that the stereo system was broke.  There was a CD player out, and a note that said, “Stereo is down.  Hope you have a CD!”

Of course I didn’t have a CD with me.  So I borrowed the only one I could find- from the Body Flow folks.  The music was definitely NOT ideal for spin- it was almost comical.  Thankfully, my class handled it well.  And I managed to find my loud voice (did I mention the mic wasn’t working either?!)

Back at home, I had two bowls of plain yogurt with bananas and more almond butter.  Then a shower, a bit of blogging, catching up with hubs and crashing for the night!

How’s the sugar detox going for you? Do you take naps if you get a chance? Do you try to eat without distractions?



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