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A Comment on Comments

Posted Jul 17 2011 10:22pm
Blogger, being the high-speed application that it is, is prone to problems like a) not functioning at all and b) not allowing people to make comments.  This post addresses the latter.

If you have had troubles signing into Blogger to make comments and then get stuck in a loop of name verification/log-in/name verification, etc., follow the steps below.  This, I am told, should help.  Many thanks to Wendi at My Heart is Always Home for posting this list originally:
1. Close all web browser windows but one.

2. In that window, clear all of your cookies, cache, passwords, everything (in my IE browser, I go to Tools, then Internet Options, then under Browsing History I click “Delete” and leave all boxes checked and click “Delete” again).

3. Then go to and login, but here’s the catch, make sure you DO NOT check the box for “remember me.” If that box is checked, you must uncheck it.

4. Then you can go to any Blogger blog and you’ll be able to comment as yourself again.
As a plan B, you can do like I did and download Firefox .  This web browser seems to have less problems with certain functions than Explorer.  Thanks and good luck!
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