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‘Corso la meta’ - What’s in a name?

Posted Mar 04 2010 12:00am
The year 2010 began on a Thursday, so on Friday mornings I will post my weekly training update here with a little bit of commentary. But by way of catching up to where we currently are (near the end of the ninth week of the year) I will quickly post my training summaries for the last eight weeks to bring you up to speed.

Week 1
Jan 2: 12.5km
Jan 6: 9.7km
Total for week: 22.2km
Total for 2010: 22.1km

Week 2
Jan 9: 12km
Jan 11: 5km
Jan 12: 6.8km
Jan 14: 8km
Total for week: 31.8km
Total for 2010: 53.9km

Week 3
Jan 16: 15km
Jan 18: 5km
Jan 19: 7.8km
Jan 21: 8km
Total for week: 35.8km
Total for 2010: 89.7km

Week 4
Jan 25: 5km
Jan 26: 15km
Jan 28: 7.4km
Total for week: 27.4km
Total for 2010: 117.1km

Week 5
Jan 30: 17km
Feb 1: 5km
Total for week: 22km
Total for 2010: 139.1km

Week 6
Feb 6: 10km ( Sydney Striders 10km – Homebush)
Feb 8: 8.4km
Total for week: 18.4km
Total for 2010: 157.5km

Week 7
Feb 12: 6.7km
Feb 13: 14.2km
Feb 15: 6.1km
Feb 18: 9km
Total for week: 36km
Total for 2010: 193.5km

Week 8
Feb 20: 12.2km
Feb 22: 6.6km
Total for week: 18.8km
Total for 2010: 212.3km
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