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8 weeks

Posted Apr 21 2013 12:44pm

Things are really starting to look up around here! 

Tosh is 8 weeks and smiling more and more every day!!! I am SO ecstatic to have a HAPPY BABY finally!!! YAY!!!

I told ya I'm not all that fond of the newborn screaming all day phase so as soon as we start to move into cute, chubby, happy baby phase I am one happy mama!!! 

I ordered Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred to start ASAP and my husband even said he'd do it with me. 
I plan to try and power walk as many days as possible with all the kids in tow also!!! I also plan to participate in Juneathon again this year! I'd love all and any of you to join me! 
It's a fitness challenge where you work out every single day for the month of June and blog about it! I did it last year Pregnant and with a broken leg and it was fantastic. Read mt posts from last year  { HERE } I hope you join me! We'll start June 1st! 

I've lost 10 pounds so far and am feeling motivated to get the rest off QUICK, mainly because I am DYING inside for a good hard run! 

Today I'm making flour less, sugarless, banana oat muffins with chocolate chips and chia seeds. I will post recipe ASAP if they are delightful! 

I also just wanted to note that I am going to be trying a little experiment to strengthen my husband and I's marriage. I will let you in on the secret as soon as I am finished with the experiment and let you in on the details. 

I am a firm believer that marriage takes a lot of work and that marriage is a CHOICE! A choice your make everyday. It's a choice to stay and a choice to make it work. Of course having 3  kids in 3 years and declaring bankruptcy and going through a million others losses and personal issues can make ANY relationship down right DIFFICULT!!! But it's a choice to work through it and stay strong even through the tough times. Divorce is not an option! Not that we are having a terrible time or anything but I'm just sayin' marriage is hard and I want a strong one that will last for the rest for my life so I choose to stay and I choose to try and make it better whenever I can.

I'll let you in on my secret in a month or so:)

So that's what I'm getting into lately!!!! 
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