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7 habits of highly effective streak jogglers

Posted Jul 19 2013 10:00am

Runner’s World recently had an article about the 7 habits of effective runners / dieters . That got me thinking about the key things that make effective jogglers. So taking their article as inspiration, I present to you the seven habits of highly effective streak jogglers. I know there are at least two of us out there (Andy Swan is the other).   andy-swan

Seven habits of highly effective Streak Jogglers

If you’re going to be a streak runner or joggler, you should have in mind some initial goal. For my first streak, I was going to joggle every day for 1 year. I made it and the goal was a huge motivator. Of course, when the 366th day came around I wasn’t ready to quit and kept going to 444 days. The point is you need that initial goal to keep you inspired even if you don’t want to quit. My second goal was 1001 days and I’ve thus far gone 1700+ days. I don’t know when I’ll stop now. Maybe never.

One of the reasons I continue this blog is because it allows me to keep track of my workouts, my races, and the streak. Writing compels me to think about joggling daily and this keeps me motivated to continue the streak. Comments from JYAJ fans also keep me inspired to continue.

While it’s important to remain humble and not brag, talking about your joggling streak is another way to keep it in the forefront of your life to inspire you to continue. When you tell people about your goals they will naturally ask you about them the next time they see you. This interest lets you know that someone cares and gives a boost to your motivation to keep you going.

Keeping a streak alive means you’ll have to plan ahead. Get your workout done early if you can, especially if you are traveling. The closest I’ve ever come to missing a day of my streak was when I was traveling from Chicago to Beijing. The 16+ hour plane ride meant that I had to run just before I got on and again when I got off. If I hadn’t planned for this possibility (I could’ve joggled in the airport if I had to) I would never have kept the streak alive.

It’s easier to run and juggle when you have the right equipment. This means a good pair of running shoes, shorts, an appropriate running shirt, and your juggling bean bags. When you are traveling, keep them with you in a backpack just in case your luggage gets lost. Keep a set of running shoes/clothes in your car and at the office. You need to be ready to joggle whenever you get a chance.

Although joggling is fun, the day after day after day repetition can start to wear on you. For this reason you’ll want to do things to keep it interesting. Run different routes. Try some joggling tricks. Listen to audio books. Record some joggling videos. One thing I love doing is going on a tour of the city and taking photos of the interesting sights. Interesting things are motivating and that’s what a streak joggler needs.

Finally, to be an effective streak runner, you have to be adaptable. When I forgot my Gballz on the way to a race, I went to a store and bought some lemons for juggling. When my luggage was lost on the way to Italy, I went joggling in jeans. There will be times when the conditions are not perfect for joggling. In those cases there is just one thing to do…go joggling.

No matter what, to be an effective streak joggler you need to live by the following motto…

Never, never, never give up.

Joggle on.

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