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5K equals how many miles ....

Posted by Dave K.

For those of you thinking about doing a 5K, but not sure what it entails, I recommend you give it a shot. A 5K is a running race of about 3 miles. It's a pretty good distance to get you started on running, and signing up for a specific 5K run can be a great way to keep yourself motivated. Once you've done a few of those, you can consider signing up for a 10K, which is about 6 miles.
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Thank you for this info--I wanted to know how far I am committing myself for before I answered:
American Cancer Society needs your help directing us to individuals in you
organization that has an interest in Breast Cancer that might want to be
leaders or on the individual level for an up coming 5k walk "MAKING STRIDES
Down Town Tacoma the 9th of October.
Please let me know if you, your family, friends, or office wants to start a
team. For more information about this event go to or
if you are interested I can send you an invite to the kick off breakfast
this August that will be full of great information on the event.

All the Best,
Brie Storset | MSABC Event Recruiter                                     
Great West Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.                       
If anyone would like to participate or contribute, please do!                                               
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