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5 Friday Favorites

Posted Mar 15 2013 6:00am
Another week snuck by :)

I logged plenty of running miles this week, but I'm still nervous about the upcoming Boston Marathon...more about that in a post soon!

In the meantime, here are a few highlights of my week
I was just running along and saw that I wasn't alone,
I had a buddy with me :)

A glimpse of the beautiful sky after one of my favorite runs this week--
a relaxed, fun 13 miler with Tappan on his bike next to me.
I can't wait for his Achilles to heal up so that we can run together again!

I actually bought this from the liquor store a while ago,
but I finally got around to photographing it this week when I was organizing
my food/drink shelves... I love this fun fuzzy felt design!
Yes, it came that way-- very odd and unexpected, but I actually really like it.

I've been LOVING pho from Mekong recently...
I've been there 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  
So delicious with extra hot sauce on top :)

Another glimpse from one of my runs:  the horses at Maymont park.
I just can't get enough of the fact that I can go a
few miles away from my home in multiple different directions and
see such a variety of scenery, exploring never gets old!

Ever tried Pho (soup)?
It's a deliciously soothing (and filling) treat, especially after a run on a warm day when you're craving a little extra salt to replace everything that you just sweated out :)

Do you run a variety of routes?
I have a few standard 6 milers that I'll do if I just feel like putting on a Podcast and going onto auto-pilot.  Otherwise, I like to explore a new route that I'll map out prior to leaving my house.  For my "long runs," I like to have new scenery.
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