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4th of July Weekend Recap

Posted Jul 05 2010 11:36am
I spent the weekend on the Cape visiting my mom. My boyfriend is away in Ohio visiting family and my roommate went home to Long Island. It was good to see my Mom again and some friends.

Friday night I got dinner with my mom and went to bed at 9:30. I was supposed to wake up at 6am to run 11 miles. Well that didn't happen. I ended up sleeping 11 hours and then it was just too hot. OK no problem Ill run on Sunday.

Saturday I spent the day at the beach with my Mom. I used Spray Sunscreen. I love to hate that stuff. Unfortunately I ended up with splotchy burns on my legs and chest BOO. We had a nice cookout for the two of us then, I got Ice Cream with Kristyn and Casey. I went to bed at 9pm so I could get up and run at 6am. WRONG

At 3am I woke up and felt a pain I had never experienced in 24 years. It was between my neck and shoulder, under my collar bone, above my heart. It felt like someone was stabbing me and I could feel my pulse and blood rushing through the area. It hurt when I breathed in. I proceeded to get dizzy, sweaty cold, on the verge of passing out. My stomach was nauseous and I got sick. I took an aleive and my mom woke up. She wanted to take me to the ER but I just laid in bed trying to calm down. I didn't know what to think. Eventually it subsided a little bit and I went back to bed until 7. Today it still hurts when I breathe in deep but its not as bad. WTF is it? My best guess was a pinched nerve or a severe muscle pull but I have no clue. Of course I will go to the Dr this week if its not gone by tomorrow.

Long story short, my 11 mile run did not happen :( I will try to make up some mileage but my long run is kinda botched for this week. oh well Life happens right? As long as I am OK!

Sunday I spent the day with Konstantina getting lunch and shopping. Late afternoon I went to a cookout at Kristyn and Jackie (Wedding Shower from Last week) Grandparents. We had lots of good food and then watched the fireworks! Their Cousin Anne just had a baby Girl, Maggie. She is 5 weeks. I got to hold and feed her...without too much crying involved! She is precious!! I was so nervous though...a 9lb breakable human! I think she liked me though. She saved the spitting up for Daddy's arm :)

Monday: I AM AT WORK writing this. Boo working in international finance! It's in the 90s today so looks like it will be a light treadmill workout when I get home!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


                                                  Here is baby Maggie

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