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40 squared

Posted Aug 13 2009 12:00am

I have a vague recollection of being out for a 13 mile run on my 26th birthday and thinking hey, wow, I'm running half the distance of my age. That is awesome! (at the time the thought of doing a marathon, well, it didn't exist). My deal with running was that I wanted to be able to keep doing it until I was old and gray. So at that point the only run for me greater than 13 miles was 15, to which I recall serious agony, I knew this would be the last year I was going to run half my age on my birthday. So I was trying to think of what I would want to be able to accomplish when I was old and gray, which in my 26 year old mind was 40. I decided that since I was a 40 mile a weeker then, I would make a pact with myself that the week I turn 40, I still run a 40 mile week.

I turn 40 in 2 days. The thought of a 40 mile week doesn't scare me, as I am still a 40 mile a weeker, and I usually shoot for 45. But, as I've gotten older, gone are the days that I go out for a run at 2am in order to hit my 40 mile mark for the week. Probably once a month, I accept a 30 mile week. (Now mind you, these days, I count my pool run miles, but I learned in the last 2 years, those miles count just as much!)

Trying to get ready for the cruise and loose ends tied up, my 40 mile mark is with me constantly in the back of my head. How to make sure I do it, especially when I crapped out over the weekend. Now, I ran 10 on Monday, I ran 6 yesterday morning, and 7 in the pool last night (that's 1:10 of pool running) and this morning I need to run 10, that will leave the mileage count at 33 and then I just need to run 7 before Sunday. I am hopeful I can accomplish this task, before lazy vacation mode occurs.

It occurs to me now that I've made no goals for myself past 40, as if I'll just stop aging now. Should I run a 50 mile week when I turn 50? I'm pretty sure I will, although I'm more than sure it will consist more of pool running then land running. But, hey, I'm ok with that.

Some of the other goals I set for myself was to run some PR's after I turned 40. I've been putting in some hard training this summer, and have the Philadelphia Distance Run as the race I hope to peak at. The cruise is the only obstacle in the way of a stellar PR there. My great running coach told me the most important thing is not to gain 20 pounds by eating everything in site. Now, I love to eat, but what I remember on the last cruise, is all the drinking. I felt like I needed detox after the cruise ended!

So, I'm going to try, and I'm not sure I'll be successful, to run at least 3 days during the cruise. I won't be picky if it's in the water, just enough to keep some fitness!

Okay, my flight takes off tomorrow and this afternoon, it's off to drop Dash off at Grandpa's. I went and bought her a new bear for the stay (she gets a new one every six months, it just depends on whether she treasures it or destroys it). As you can see for the photo, this one looks like a treasure. Let's hope Mr. Pumpkin doesn't destroy it! ;)
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