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30 Day Yoga Challenge begins and a 2 mile run

Posted Sep 01 2012 4:51pm

When Dave and I walked to Pemberton to pick up a bottle of wine, we saw this frog and I thought it was a perfect representation of yoga month and my  30 day yoga challenge  that has officially begun.

I was tempted to go to Samara Yoga for my usual 8 am vinyasa class with Rachel this morning, but since I have only 7 days left of my YogaGlo account and using it could save me some money-I did the “Pelvis and SI Joint Stability Practice” video by Tiffany Cruikshank .  I hope to attend one of her classes in real life sometime because I really like her style because it is geared more towards runners and other athletes.  It helps strengthen and stretch exactly where I needed to.

I am so impressed at my improvement in my hip strength and flexibility after increasing my yoga practice frequency. The one legged poses are still very difficult but I can feel that they are becoming easier. I also am feeling more at peace and less stressed about day to day happenings. It’s a win-win situation.

I’ve even found myself craving yoga throughout the day because my hips get tight from sitting for hours upon hours at work. After I get a yoga session in, I feel more relaxed and my hips feel better. I think that my yoga practice will NOT stop after the next 30 days, but become a part of my daily routine that I incorporate into marathon training!

After my yoga video, I decided to head out and do a walk/jog to see how my hips were doing. I made sure to go at a comfortable pace because it’s more about just getting out there not trying to run my best. I was very happy with the results.  I know I have to keep taking it slow, and let my body heal.  That way I can come back strong!

So far no pain and and I am excited for yoga tomorrow! I probably will find some more workouts on YogaGlo but I might give a few on GaiamTV a try.

Have you ever challenged yourself to do something for a certain number of days?

I think this is the first time! Unless you count training for a marathon, but that’s different!

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