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30 Day Shred

Posted Apr 29 2009 12:00am
So today I start the workout. Thanks Sherry for posting this workout log and letting my use it. :) So I am going to attempt to stick to this for the next 30 days and I fully expect to have banging arms by August.

Starting numbers:
BMI-- 25.6
weight-- 149 lbs
waist-- 33"
hips-- 40"
arm-- 12"
thigh-- 22"

Level 1
Day 1--I got through it, barely. My legs are still sore from my run yesterday. So far though I am really liking it.
Day 2-- Got through it even with my calves burning after the first circuit my calves warmed up and weren't as sore through the rest of the workout. Toned arms here I come. :)
Day 3-- I was hoping it would start to get easier, not so much pushups and jumping jacks still kickin my butt. :)
Day 4-- Glad to have my legs back, now that I am not a sore I can push harder on the workouts. Still can't get all the way through the pushups without stopping yet though. :)
Day 5--Finally it is getting easier my endurance is up getting better with the pushups hoping by day 10 to be able to get through the push up segment without stopping.
Day 6-- I attempted to get through it about an hour after completing a 5k fun run so I did what I could the strength and abs were not that big of a deal but I did stop a few times during the cardio I guess my body was just a tad bit more tired than I thought. :)
Day 7--Today was a lot better just about made it all the way through modified pushups. i was able to step up my cardio a bit.
Day 8--Looks like I forgot to update my post for a couple days, Anywho I am keeping up with all the cardio no problem still can't do a regular pushup :( but I am pushing through the modified version though.
Day 9--Made the mistake of working out right before naptime so I had to workout with a not to happy 2 yr. old screaming next to me, I made it through though just kept telling myself it's only 20 mins she'll be okay. One more day on level 1 woowhoo!!!
Day 10--So I finished strong worked all the way through with out stopping except for a quick sec. on anterior raises and side lunges even with 3 pd weights my arms were burning.

weight--148 lbs.
waist--32 1/2"
Overall: No changes but I feel stronger and I am excited about week 2. :)

Level 2
Day 11--What can I say as soon as I think I have a grip on the workouts and can get through no problem I switch to level 2 and Jillian finds new ways to kick my butt. I started out thinking I could go full speed, no modification here and quickly learned that maybe for at least the first day I should have stuck to the modified moves just to see what I was getting myself into. :) I like this one however more than level 1.
Day12--I for some reason stuggled through it today, I ended up only working up til half way through the cardio oF circuit 3 and then I ended up stopping. :(
Day 13-- I am not gonna lie level 2 is really putting a hurtin on me the cardio this time is most definitely requiring some 5 sec. breaks. I forgot I hadn't done todays workout until my husband reminded me that I didnt do it at approx 10:45 pm so I got it in at 11:30 so I just made it. :)
Day 14--it is still really hard I did circuit 3 strength today without any weights so I could get through it.
Day 15--I made it through all the way through doing modified still but I do believe that is progress.
~Missed my first day today
Day 16--Felt a little more doable still having a bit of a time with the cardio segments on level two though
~Went to visit my mom and missed another day
~Got back from my moms really late so didnt get a chance to do it.
Day 17--Got back on the horse today I think the days off actually helped I was rested and so was able to push myself a little harder today.
Day 18--So I think I might finally be getting a handle of level 2, I haven't been running though so I don't know if the absence of extra workouts is making it easier or if it's really just getting easier I guess we will see today I am hoping to get in at least 3 miles. :)
Day 19--I do believe I am getting used to level 2 and a little bored so i am kinda glad only one more day and then we are movin on. I got through all the oblique twists today without stopping. :)
Day 20--Well I made it through, and I must say I am ready to move on. Bring on level 3.


Level 3
Day 21--I do believe Jillian has officially lost it after the first circuit it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I only made it through the strength part of circuit 2 but I did watch the rest of the workout from the floor. :)
Day 22--i got through it, barely mostly doing modified and a ton of breaks.

~skipped a day, no excuses I just let the day get away from me and didn't fit it in.

Day 23--got back on it today early so I had a little more energy and was able to push myself still doing the modified and I have a feeling that might be the case all the way through workout 3
Day 24--level 3 is still really challenging. :)
~took 2 days off planned on it only being 1 but hey what are you going to do. If i start back tomorrow I should be able to finish level 3 on Friday :)
~well two days turned into seven I do not know why I can't seem to get through level 3 i do how ever plan to do today and tomorrow maybe Sunday but we are leaving for vegas so i am not 100%.

Day 25--
Day 26--
Day 27--
Day 28--
Day 29--
Day 30--

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