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3 Weeks: 10 lbs

Posted Dec 30 2012 5:40pm
Today marks 3 weeks on Paleo and I have lost 10 lbs. 7 the first week and then 3 more over the course of the past two. I stayed even surrounding the holidays. I am pretty thrilled. I hope it still comes off as easily as time goes by. I could be where I want to be by summer at this week. I am managing just fine without the grains and dairy. Sure I want those foods but I am turning them down easy.

I had a really busy weekend going out with friends. Definitely imbibed a bit too much but I went for a short run and did yoga yesterday. I also got an hour long massage which was amazing! Today I just went grocery shopping and laundry. I am excited I do not have to work tomorrow. I am going to J's house for NYE party! Wah hoo!

Saturday Menu
Banana with Almond butter
Almonds and PaleoKrunch Granola

Spinach with chicken, egg, tomato, cucumber & carrots with olive oil

Ground beef with Paleo Ketchup

2 vodka sodas

Sunday Menu
2 eggs and bacon and ground beef

Tuna with hot sauce
Handful of almonds

Salmon with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet potato fries
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