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3 Things Thursday

Posted Oct 13 2011 2:14pm

It’s time for 3 Things Thursday again, facts edition:

1. Fact: Yesterday while I was driving home I almost had a heart attack. Why, you ask? (What’s that, you didn’t ask? Too bad!) Sean and I were texting when I was leaving work. When I got into my truck I was tired of texting so I called him instead. I can be pretty chatty on my drive home so I was talking away before I heard a weird noise. This ensued:

R: What are you doing?

S: I’m about to run… on the treadmill

R: Goodbye!

[heart attack]

OK, maybe the heart attack was a little dramatic but I have been trying to get him to run for months. I had to get off the phone and FAST before his desire to run ended. I know this girl has a running-hater-turned-lover husband and I’m hoping mine follows suit. Granted, he was running to help get him in shape for motocross, but I don’t care, running is running and I’ll take it.


2. Fact: Sometimes I’m a little… impulsive. This can be seen through my deciding to train for a 10k and then immediately upon completion of 10k training jumping into signing up for a marathon. Because 6.2 is clearly the same as 26.2. Obviously. So when Britt tweeted this:

I responded with this:

Note the 30k in Sugar Land part. Mind you I had been thinking about doing this race. Which is why the following happened.

And then this:

:) Hello, 30k race in December, you, me and Britt are going to be besties (Sean: that’s for you.)


3. Fact: (In regards to the aforementioned “Sean: that’s for you”) Sean and I have a hatred for unnecessarily shortened words. This has, oddly enough, resulted in me saying them quite often. For instance I texted Sean this when I got to work today:

R: To add to our hatred of shortened words, I hate when ppl say “totes”. Like “OMG I totes agree!”

S: Incredibly lame. Maybe people have really began to try to save time by reducing syllables like Kevin from The Office

R: HAHA I totes agree

And if you’re a fan of shortened words, well, sorry… not trying to offend :)


Your turn, give me 3 things :)  

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