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3 Things Thursday: Workout Edition

Posted Jul 12 2012 4:26pm

It’s pretty easy for me to get stuck in fitness ruts. I find ways that I like to do things and then I stick with them until I pretty much run them into the ground. This is especially true for strength-training. I love workout DVDs. I’m pretty sure I’ve made that pretty clear. I like being able to get my fitness on at home, and I hate trying to fight people for free weights and machines in the gym. DVDs = perfect solution.

However while my workout DVD collection is pretty extensive, it’s still pretty easy to run through all of them quickly and get bored fast. I knew I wanted to do something in regards to strength-training/physical fitness today, but I wasn’t really sure what. Until my coworker told me about a workout she got off Pinterest that kicked her butt. As soon as she said that I realized I was being an idiot: I pin workouts all the time and, til now, have never used them (much like most things on my Pinterest account).

That changed today my friends! Today I did three different workouts from Pinterest and I was sweating buckets by the end. If you want to seriously sweat and get flooded with endorphins do this:




circuit 2


circuit 3

I did each workout once through and then walked a half mile on the treadmill at the end of the workout to cool down. With the half mile walk the whole thing ended up taking me 45 minutes and I was an exhausted, exhilarated, sweaty mess. I haven’t been that happy after a strength/fitness workout in a long time. Serious win. Another plus? The whole thing literally flew by. I felt like it was over in no time at all. I love when that happens!

Do you ever use Pinterest or other sites like that to inspire your workouts? First time. Definitely not the last.

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