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3 Stretches to Relieve Piriformis Syndrome While Running

Posted Apr 09 2013 9:07am

As I hinted during yesterday’s weekend run recap, I have a good amount of experience with piriformis syndrome — both in experiencing the hip and glute pain, and in then working to set it free.

At least for me, piriformis syndrome tends to flare up on days when I incorporate hills into my route. Like on Saturday, when Noah and I decided to run over the Williamsburg Bridge. As any runner knows, bridge runs naturally tend to involve a pretty significant uphill, in this case, in order to get over the East River.

Fortunately, I haven’t allowed piriformis syndrome to hold me back for too long — at least, not in a while. When I feel like a bridge run, I go for a bridge run. What’s essential is to be super conscious of the affected area — how it feels at various points of your run and, perhaps more importantly, why.

For runs like those, I keep tend to keep these three mid-run stretches in my back pocket.

Standing Figure Four

Figure Four

Cross-Legged Toe Touch

Stretch 2

Pigeon Pose


  • Some days, it’s important to listen to your body and stretch mid-run in order to keep on keeping on. Do you listen to your body? What stretches do you keep in your back pocket?

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