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3 Stages Race: Stage 2: 22 miles on Lookout Mountain.

Posted Jun 22 2011 3:33pm
You know what one of the best things about running a stage race is? You can eat whatever the hell you want in between races. I mean... think about this.. Friday after the 18 miles... I was not only making up for that, but also trying to load up for the next day! It was a brilliant day filled with tacos and chips at Taco Mamacita and lots and lots of pizza (and some beer and wine)! swoon.

After eating a lot on Friday night we settled in and studied the elevation profile for Lookout Mountain's Race.
Umm... yeah. This doesn't look like much fun.

When I woke up Saturday morning... I was pretty nervous. I had never been on these particular trails and 22 miles on unknown trails with that elevation profile... scared me.

I fueled up. I ate a banana, an orange, half an apple and half a bagel before we left the hotel. I also packed salt tabs on myself along with an energy bar (just in case) and some shotblox. There were only going to be 3 aid stations and we were going to have to go 6.5 miles at the end of the race with no aid stations.

When we got to lookout mountain we picked up our bibs (you have to get your bibs every morning to make sure they knew who was out on the course) and I hopped in the long porta potty line. At first I noticed that there was just one porta potty and I just figured there were more somewhere else, but I was talking to someone in line, so I just stayed there...

Until I glanced at the porta potty and notice it had a sign on it that said.. POOP ONLY.

Umm... what? Turns out... the porta potties didn't get delivered, so this lone porta potty was all there was.. and it was designated as a poop only one. Yeah.. so I hopped out of line and did my business in the woods. Twice. Do you know how long it's been since I took a crap in the woods? I mean, even when I'm camping I find a back woods bathroom. Sheesh.

Another thing I forgot to mention in the last race report... ummm... the EYE CANDY at these races. Hellllloooo trail runners. I always forget that trail races are like the mecca for my type of guys... thin, lean, but super muscular guys... usually some facial hair (or a lot, if you're lucky and you're into the grizzly adams look)... I mean.. Yowza! Just picture a whole bunch of these guys....

Why, hello, Dreamboat. 
Tony Krupicka (aka my soulmate) photo most likely taken by
Rob O'Dea, but the website I stole it from didn't say... so...

Digressing...We lined up at the start and I found the guy who offered me the salt tabs the day before and introduced myself to him. We talked a little and I decided right then, that I was going to stick with him as much as possible that day. The best decision I made all day.

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