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3 Questions & a Cabin Chat with Event Expert Pam Robbins

Posted Mar 08 2013 10:44am
The below is from the  Team Hole in the Wall Blog ! So honored to be featured!

3 Questions & a Cabin Chat with Event Expert Pam Robbins In the latest installment of our series 3 Questions and a Cabin Chat with… we talk with 8-time Team Hole in the Wall marathon and half marathon runner Pam Robbins. Pam puts the FUN in fundraising and makes her efforts a family affair. Pam will be running the Boston Marathon next month in support of Camp and will be hosting her3rd Annual Team Hole in the Wall Fundraiser on Thursday, March 14 at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford, CT at 6 p.m. Pam’s husband Ray and his band Sundance Kidz will be performing, the BBQ will be flowing, the raffle is packed with amazing items and good times will be had by all. This is an event not to be missed! Learn more about this event and Pam’s story by visiting .Team Hole in the Wall: As someone who has participated in 8 events for Team Hole in the Wall, what is it about The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp that continues to inspire you and your family?Pam: We have had the pleasure of meeting many campers and their families over the past few years and hearing their stories of Camp. How much Camp has meant in their lives is tremendously inspiring. When you hear things like, “life changing”, “magical” and “the most wonderful place on earth” straight from the hearts of these children and their families, how can you not be inspired? It is also so inspirational to see how many of the people who are involved with Camp now are involved because they either were a camper themselves or had a family member who attended Camp.I think the moment that I knew I would always work to support this cause in some way was the day that I was at Camp for the open house and saw a beautiful, very familiar looking young woman standing and just looking around quietly. After a moment I realized why she looked so familiar, I had seen her in a Camp video. Amanda was a camper when she was 11 years old and lost her leg to cancer. She and her mom were speaking on the video some years later about how Camp has been and continues to be so important in their lives. I approached this young woman and I told her that I had been trying to figure out where I knew her from and realized it was the video. I asked why she was there on this occasion and she quietly said, “I just can’t stay away from this place.” That pretty much say’s it all. Amanda is just one of the many reasons that I continue to be involved with Camp. I am running this marathon in honor of Amanda and many others including the Beneski family. Tim and Cara Beneski have 4 wonderful sons, three of whom have been campers and one a sibling camper. Can you imagine the stress on a family having three boys with medical issues? I know how important Camp is in their lives as well as so many others. Team HITW: What advice would you give to someone hosting a fundraising event for the first time? Pam: First of all, be sure that people understand what you are fundraising for! Sure, you are probably running or biking or doing something a little crazy (AWESOME), but you are fundraising for an amazing place. You need to be sure to get that point across through letters, email, social media, friends, sharing camp videos, etc.There are many different types of fundraisers that you can do, but personally, I have had a lot of success with hosting events at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford. Since I have been married to a drummer for over 30 years, I told my husband Ray that I wanted him to put together a band with the most talented people he knew for this event. Originally a one time only deal turned into a rockin’ band called Sundance Kidz. They now will be performing for my third big event at Black Eyed Sally’s on March 14th. With an incredible cause like The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, it’s easy to keep the momentum going with fundraising. You just need to keep spreading the word about this amazing cause, get your friends and family involved and just keep believing you can do this! 100_1068 Team HITW: You are a shining example of how to make fundraising a family affair, why is it so important to get your entire family involved in the fundraising process?Pam: Well, obviously it helps to have your family support you in your fundraising activities because it does take a little time away from them occasionally, unless of course they get as excited and passionate as you about the cause! I didn’t really intend this to be a family affair at the beginning, but after bringing the family to Camp for a visit it just happened. My daughter Alex wrote an essay about Camp and then decided to run her first half marathon with Team for her 16th birthday. She is now getting ready to run her 4th half with them in Fairfield. My 12-year-old son Conor decided to run his first 5K with Team this past summer, but long before that he was telling everyone he knew about Camp. I believe that being involved with Camp and fundraising has brought my family closer together and made my kids see the importance of helping others. A quote from a very important man has become one of the Robbin’s family’s favorite quotes: “We are such spendthrifts with our lives, the trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.” – Paul NewmanCabin Chat: If you could have a dinner with anyone from the past or present, who would it be and why?Pam: I heard this question I looked at my husband Ray and he smiled and said, “Well, obviously we know it would be Paul Newman, but that might be a little cliché considering?” Okay, so maybe it is! However, I have said before that I would love to be able to have a real conversation with Paul Newman about how the vision about Camp came to him and what he would like for the future of Camp. I’m sure I would have given a different answer before becoming involved with Camp. I always enjoyed Paul Newman and his movies, but I never did what my daughter refers to as, “fan girling” (love that term!) over Mr. Newman. It was only after learning more about Camp, visiting there and seeing how much it had changed lives that I became more curious and more than a little enamored with Paul Newman. To feel so strongly about the need to build such a place and working so hard to make it happen takes my breath away. Pam and Alex Fairfield Half-Marathon
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