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2013 Resolutions

Posted Jan 07 2013 8:09am

Are you sick of reading every single blogger’s 2013 resolutions?  I hope so, because you’re about to read mine.

I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to post about my goals because I try to stay away from posting about things that are actually personal. I gotta keep the blog light and fun/ridiculous but I made an executive decision and decided to go ahead and post them.  Let’s do 13 goals for 2013. ( I’m so clever!)

1. Be less cluttery.  PartyDog and I are extremely clean people-but we tend to gravitate towards clutter.  My goal for us to be less like the picture I am about to show you.  What you are about to see is something very few people have had the displeasure of seeing and you might have a panic attack just from looking at it (I nearly do everyday).

2. Be more adventurous in the kitchen. I tend to make the same crap over and over again.  While it’s tasty crap I still need to try different recipes.  My goal is to make at least 2 new recipes a month.

3. Try more fitness classes.  Last year was the first year I ever took ANY fitness classes ever and it  made me realize how much I love them and how fun it is to try something new.  I want to try even more this year.

4. Volunteer at least 1x/month.  I tried to volunteer last year- I even went to the orientation/training but I never got matched with a student.  This year, I’m going to work a little harder at finding something to volunteer at.

5. Continue to build relationships.  Not to toot my own horn (just kidding, I’m totes tootin) I’m really proud of how proactive I was in finding friends in 2012.  I’ve made some really incredible friends and I want to continue to try and see them as much as I possibly can…to the point where they begin to hate me because they see me so often.

6. Blog more book reviews.  I read a ton but I very rarely blog about the books I read.  I personally love reading book reviews so I’ll be posting at least one review a month.

7. Explore Chicago more.  Now that we’ve been here a year and half, we’ve found our restaurant staples and tend to only go to those places.  My goal for 2013 is to try at least one new restaurant a month.

8. Stop buying new books and read the ones I own.  This is going to probably be the hardest one for me. I honestly have about 40 books that I have yet to read sitting on my book shelf.  I’ve decided unless it’s a book for book club or I go home and get to visit my favorite used book store, I will NOT buy any books until I read some of the ones I’ve already bought.

9. Unplug more often.  I need to work on being less obsessed with instagram/twitter/blogs/GOMI this year.  I’m thinking one weekend a month where I disable the smart phone features on my phone to detox my brain of social media.

10. Travel to 1 new place.  I’m a little obsessed with constantly making my life an adventure. Last year we went to California and had a blast.  This year, I want PartyDog and I to  travel to  1 new place for some serious exploring.

11. Do something completely foreign/crazy to me. Sometimes I see Groupons for things like trapeze classes or swing dance lessons and always think it would be fun to try but never do.  This year I plan to actually do 1 thing that I would never normally do.

12. Date PartyDog more often. PartyDog and I have been together almost 6 years which means are have a pretty established routine for our life.  I would however like for us to try and ‘date’ each other more this year-whatever the heck that means, I don’t even know.

13. Try to appreciate my body more.  Instead of focusing on what my body looks like and the things I feel need improvement, I want to shift that focus to appreciating all the amazing things my body is capable of doing.

I’m stressed just reading through those. 13 resolutions may be a little too much but whatever. I guess we’ll see how I do!

Spill it-what are your resolutions this year!

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