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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Experience - day #2

Posted Jul 19 2012 9:05am
Day #2 in sunny (finally) Southern California would start of with a delay in visiting the actual games, because Reebok, one of our amazing sponsors, had an awesome morning planned for us.

 I'm not trying to brag, I promise, but day #2 started off with me being absolutely giddy over the fact that the Reebok fairy (like the tooth fairy, only better, and I got to keep all of my teeth) visited my room and dropped off a bag full (literally) of Reebok CrossFit  goodies

What can I say, I am a fitness NUT *and* I work in a gym, so I quite literally did a happy little jig (and maybe a few burpees) around my hotel room at the awesomeness of this stash.  I'm not just saying this because they gave me the goods, but the crossfit line fits AMAZINGLY, and stays put.  No one likes clothes that start to fall off or ride up when you are trying to squat a heavy weight or sprint across a field.  I donned all new workout attire, fresh and ready to get drenched in sweat, and headed down to meet the rest of the crew for breakfast.  We had a WOD at a local CrossFit box planned for us and I was geeked and ready to push my lactic threshold.

But first the FitFluential crew, along with other media from across the globe, were invited to attend an informational session with some of the executives from Reebok.  First up was Chris Froio, head of training for Reebok.  One of Chris's primary responsibilities is overseeing and providing strategic direction for Reebok's long-term partnership with CrossFit.  It was great to hear not only how and why Reebok and CrossFit partnered up, but to hear how the partnership has literally changed the company.  And I don't mean from simply a business point of view.  The employees themselves have changed, losing a combined 4,000 pounds in 2011 alone. (Much more on this partnership coming up in the next post)

In addition to the ins and outs of the partnership, we were shown the latest and what is still to come in the Reebok CrossFit shoe and apparel line.  Reebok has put A LOT of effort into getting this right. Yes, the bold, vibrant colors are fun to look at....
photo credit: Michael Mauro and GNC
... but the functional aspect of the clothing is the highlight. Reebok works with elite CrossFit athletes to find what works and what doesn't, where clothing needs to move, needs to NOT have seams, etc.

It was really great to learn about the product line, but even more important to me to hear about how Reebok is fully committed to the sport of CrossFit, the athletes, and the lifestyle.  Not simply because it's the latest "trend" in fitness, but because the Reebok family is literally such an active part of the CrossFit community. For example, just last year, Chris Froio was one of eight Reebok employees to represent Reebok|CrossFit ONE (the first Reebok| CrossFit affiliate) at the North East Regional CrossFit Games.   They don't just talk about CrossFit, they do it.  I foresee even  bigger things coming from them in the future.

And speaking of "doing" CrossFit...that's exactly where we were headed next.  We boarded a bus with the rest of the attending Reebok media guests and headed to CrossFit Marina in Huntington Beach. 

We were lead through a thorough warm up by Reebok coaches Lauren and Blair
phto credit: Jess from Blonde Ponytail
as well as proper instruction (and practice! Those squat holds were killing me!) for all of the moves we would perform.  Then got right into our WOD
12 minutes AMRAP
7 air squats (hips below knees)
7 kettlebell swings
7 chest to ground burpees
driveway sprint

It was hot, and I felt sooo weak from the travel and time change.  But man I love to sweat (and feel my lungs and muscles scream!).

The FitFluential crew:  Joe , Tina , Jess , Me, Scott

After our WOD we headed back to the hotel for an AMAZING lunch provided by Reebok, then we were off to shower, and make our way back to the Home Depot Center to watch more of the games.
me & our "Aunt Kelly", the amazing woman behind FitFluential

What we missed that morning (but have amazing photos of thanks to Mauro Media & GNC)

Mens/Women's events:
Sprint Shuttle sprint for time Run to the 50-yard line and backRun to the 100 yard line and back
Rope Sled:5 rounds for time of:20 foot rope climb, 1 ascent20 yard sled drive (+ 90 lbs for men)
Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC
After meeting for some one on one interviews with some of the Reebok executives (coming soon!)  we bounced around the stadium to watch the next event.

Clean Ladder
1-rep Clean every 30 seconds with progressively heavier barbells.Weights begin at 245 lbs (men)/ 140 lbs (women) and go to 385 lbs (men) / 235 lbs (women) in 10 lb increments. Deadlift repetitions after a failed attempt count as partial pounds.

My new idols: the bada$$ chicks of CrossFit
Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC

Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC

Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC
And then we settled in for the last event of the evening.  In CrossFit tradition, it went unannounced to athletes and spectators, until just before the event.

Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC

Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC
Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC
Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC

Again, the athleticism of these athletes was absolutely unreal and incredibly motivating. But what I loved the most was the amazing spirit from ALL of the athletes. Every single heat, both mens and womens, all of the finished athletes would turn around after they caught their breath and cheer on the remaining competitors.  You just don't SEE that in athletics these days. It was so refreshing, and so inspiring.  And as a mom with two very young, very impressionable sons, it means the world to me that this still exists in the sporting world.  I hope my boys look up to amazing, strong men and women like this, as opposed to those who get into fist fights on the field and go on strike when their tens of millions of dollars per year salaries suddenly aren't enough (oops, here comes the soapbox!)
Athletes cheering each other on. Photo Credit: Michael Mauro & GNC

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