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2012 Highlights

Posted Dec 31 2012 4:12pm

As a new year begins, it’s always good to look back on the year and think of all that you have accomplished and some of your favorite memories.  This is what I am going to do with you today!


I completed Boston Marathon 2012 in 90 degree weather.  I had a tough time training for this race and it was also tough realizing that I may have to run this marathon for fun and not compete but I did it with the help of some of my running friends who stuck by my side.

Unfortunately, this was the marathon that also broke me.  I suffered from a hip overuse injury which put me out of commission for nearly 7 months. I am still in recovery mode but am doing much better and finally am getting back into the swing of running again.

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Boston 2012 Outfit

Because of my Boston 2012 injury, it was difficult for me to do anything active that didn’t irritate my hips.  I get terribly bored swimming in a pool so that didn’t last for long.  Even though I was never a huge fan of yoga, I knew it was the only thing I could really do it and it was the best thing for my hips.

To get myself in a habit, I challenged myself to completing 30 days of yoga .  I conquered that challenge and fell in love with yoga.  I would like to say that I can now officially call myself a yogi.  I learned that I can love something that I never thought I could and became much more open minded (see what else I learned in my 30 in 30 recap ).

Now that I have been practicing consistently, I am finding myself doing more than I ever thought that I could-like  headstand , side crane , flying crow , one-legged crow .  I have tried  Aerial YogaBlack Light Yoga , and Hip Hop Yoga  and am excited to see where it brings me next.  Yoga helps me push myself physically, mentally and with life challenges.

South Boston Yoga Side Arm Balance


Way back when, my coworkers and I had signed up for the Tough Mudder.  Little did I know that I would be injured and have to make the decision to whether or not I could participate.  I went in saying that I would try it and listen to my body if I needed to stop.

I was surprised that my hips faired well and my cardio was still in pretty good shape.  I think this was the point that I realized that I can workout, but just need to take a break from running.  The impact on the ground was terrible for my hips and they needed to be worked out in other ways.

Tough Mudder Complete

I never was really good about strength training and that is why I got injured after Boston Marathon.  Thankfully, I had the opportunity to participate in the  Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge  with some of my other coworkers.  This challenge helped me learn that strength training can be fun.  I got the itch to try kettlebells , tried the ever growing Tabata classesgot my butt kicked on a regular basis by our personal trainer Heidi  and much more.

In the end, I not only grew closer with my coworkers but also got a lot stronger.  I realized running will never be the same for me.  I will be including lots of strength and yoga to help prevent injury and make me a more well rounded athlete.

Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge members are strong

I’ve been hearing all the buzz about CrossFit and I needed to try it out.  I wasn’t sure if it was something I would want to do all the time like running, but I really wanted to form my own opinion about it.  When Reebok Back Bay CrossFit held an OnRamp 2 week program for a steal, I couldn’t resist.

Dave and I tried CrossFit for the first time  and I even did a double workout day with the Healthworks Workplace Challenge.  I learned that CrossFit promotes your competitive side to push you farther than you think you would go.  For instance, I would never think to put weight on my back while planking, but we did this in class.  And I got to use some everyday objects at home to make my plank more interesting…

Plank with a breadmaker

Another fitness class that I’ve been hearing so much about was barre, which is pretty much a fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga.  It sounded intriguing so I tried my first barre class  at Exhale Spa.  I also tried out  Btone Fitness  and their Pilates reformer classes.  I quickly realized that I am addicted to the barre  and reformer.  These classes make your entire body burn but scream for more at the same time.

Sam Katie and Jess at Barre

Because , I don’t know much about my Korean heritage.  I still don’t know a lot but I’ve made an effort to try to learn more about Korean food.  I made my first Korean dishes which were  Chap Chae  and  Beef Tacos .  Dave and I both LOVE the flavors and are looking forward to explore more of the Korean dishes.

NYE Korean Beef Tacos

As I had mentioned, swimming in a pool back and forth was never really my thing.  It was tough for me to train for Pumpkinman Half Ironman indoors.  I really preferred swimming outdoors.  I had been debating purchasing a wetsuit to make swimming outdoors easier for me, but never really wanted to dish out the money.

Lucky for me,  I won a wetsuit thanks to Pumpkinman Triathalon and Xterra Wetsuits!  Now I have to sign up for another triathlon!  This time I am going to aim for something more feasible for me to train for, a sprint or an olympic distance.

Wetsuit 2

I want to finish up with one of my best moments in 2012 and that is my 9 year anniversary!  It is really difficult to picture him not being in my life as he is such a great support system and my best friend.  He’s been there for me through every up an down that I can remember.  Not surprisingly, he has helped me return to running.  He even physically helped push me up a hill because I was afraid of my hips hurting too much and he stuck by my side on my first 5k back .

I look forward to the memories that are to come in the years to come!

Dave and Jess 9 Years


What are some of your favorite moments of 2012?

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