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2011 Race Schedule: Ultramarathons, 10k’s, and Jingle All the Ways

Posted Feb 01 2011 12:00am

Old photo from Baltimore Marathon 2009

With my first race of the year coming up on Saturday, I thought I’d compile my race schedule for 2011.  So far it looks like I’ll be running several 10k’s, mostly because it is a good distance and they occur frequently around the city.  The most exciting addition to this year’s schedule will be my first Ultramarathon, the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k.  I guess that by announcing it on TheHaySay, I actually have to run it.  So here it goes:  I’ll be running the North Face Endurance Challenge in June.  Shew, I’m exhausted just saying it.  So here is the list I have so far.  Have you ever run any of these races?  Will I see any of you at the starting line?

Patuxent River Trail 10k – February 26, 2011 – Upper Marlboro, MD

This will be my first trail race.  I don’t really know much about the race, but I do know it is pretty small with only about 250 runners, and that it is mostly single track trail.  KFB saw a flier for the race in Adams Morgan and knew I was looking for a trail race, so I signed up and will be hitting the dirt on Saturday.  I’m really looking forward to experience a different type of racing.

Capitol Hill Classic 10k – 5/15/11 – Washington, DC

This race just looks like fun.  These smaller road races through the city always draw a good crowd and a great atmosphere.  The 10k finishes at the top of Capitol Hill, but other than that looks like a pretty quick course.  I believe a few friends of mine will be running this as well, so that is always a plus!

North Face Endurance Challenge 50k – June, 4 2011 – Sterling, VA

Ahh the 50k.  I have to admit, I’m pretty scared.  I know I can run 26.2 miles on pavement, but can I run that on dirt, AND add another 5 miles?  Well, I sure hope so, because I just registered.  This is a pretty awesome course through the Great Falls area and around its neighboring parks.  The 50k course has a total of 3147 feet of elevation gain/loss, and consists of 50% single track, 30% dirt of gravel doubletrack, 10% gravel carriage road and 10% paved road.  The North Face Endurance Challenge is a pretty big event, with several other races taking place that day (including a 50 miler), so I’m hoping there will be plenty of excitement and adrenaline to keep me going.

Parks Half Marathon – September 11, 2011 – Rockville, MD

This is one of the more exciting races on the calendar.  I had a great time running it last year , and it looks like one of my good buddies, Jon, will be coming up this year!  Jon and I ran the Thuderbird Half in Charlotte last year, so now it is his turn to come up north.

The course take places in Montgomery County, and winds its way through the parks system on paved bike/running paths.  I believe the field is about 3000 deep, so not too many to overcrowd, but enough to keep it exciting.  I loved the views, the narrow path, and the overall feel of this race.  Really looking forward to taking it on again this year.

Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving

I’ve never run a Turkey Trot, I need to find one.

Jingle All the Way 10k – December 2011 – Washington, DC

I ran the Jingle All the Way two years ago.  Even though it was extremely cold and rainy, it was still a fun race with high energy around Haynes Point.  Nothing like a bunch of grown-ups running 6 miles in a Santa suit to get you in the holiday spirit.

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