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2010 Goals Reviewed and 2011 Goals Set

Posted Dec 28 2010 6:56pm
So at the beginning of this year I made a list of goals so I guess it's time to review 'em and make some goals for 2011. (Sidenote: all the goals that I didn't complete will more than likely be on my 2011 list. :)

So these were my 2010 Goals...

Running/Exercise/Workout Goals: Out of my actual fitness goals I only completed 1 and that was running a marathon which I did June of this year. So I guess I have my work cut out for me next year.
~Run a 5k in under 25 minutes
~Run my first 10k~Run my 1st half marathon
~I am going to challenge myself to run more miles each month than the previous month (so if I run 15 miles in January I am going to run more than 15 miles in February so forth and so on)

Nutritition/Eating Habits: Daily food blogs was a big fat fail I think that lasted half a week but I did start a very small modest vegetable garden and I am looking forward to expanding it next year. ~I am going to start doing daily food blogs (I have noticed that my Wednesday post really make me take the time to think about what I am going to eat, so I am hoping posting my daily menu will help me make better decisions, I will try and post everything I eat, the good and the bad maybe not always with pictures)
~Going to start a garden (no more talkin bout it time to be about it). I plan to blog about it here..

Personal Growth: No personal growth here unless reading the twilight books every month for about 6 months counts and I think not.
~I plan on starting back to school in the fall (for like the 100th time) and finally work my way to finishing my degree
~Read at least 2 books a month

Some Fun Stuff: We do a vacation for a week with the kids :) but I have yet to set foot into a food festival... in fact I am going to google dates now. ~Go to at least food festivals possible candidates: Gilroy Garlic Festival, California Strawberry Festival (Any Suggestions??)
~Take a 4 to 7 day vacation with my family


Besides doing a 2011 Goal list I am also going to do a running bucket list but that is a work in progress and will come about sometime in the near future.

So here we go again my 2011 Goals...
Running/Exercise/Workout Goals:
~Run a 5k in under 30minutes
~Run my first 10k~Run at least 2 RnR 1/2 Marathons
~Run a 5k in under 25 mins.

Nutritition/Eating Habits:
~Expand vegetable garden to include more veggies and get the kids more involved in planting and maintaining the garden.

Personal Growth:
~I plan on starting back to school in the fall (yea like you haven't heard that before) but all my kids will be in school at least 3 hrs. a day so no excuses.
~Volunteer in some capacity either at one of the girls schools, after school program or something

Some Fun Stuff:
~Go to at least 1 food festival in California
~Take a 4 to 7 day vacation with my family

What about you what are you hoping to accomplish in 2011??
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