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2009 Training log

Posted Jun 18 2009 1:51pm
On this page I record all my training for 2009.

Due to an administrative error all data from January through April was regrettably been removed from the blog, or in other words during a momentary lapse in concentration I carelessly deleted the blog page containing my training log.

So having got over that disappointment I started a fresh from late April.

Week 25

Thursday, Swim, 1000m, 30 minutes
Tuesday, Exercycle, 55 minutes
Monday, Exercycle , 55 minutes

Week 24

Swim, 1800m, 57 minutes
Exercyle, 105 minutes

Saturday, Exercycle, 51 minutes
Friday, Swim, 1000m, 31 minutes
Wenesday, Exercycle, 54 minutes
Monday, Swim 800 m , 26 minutes

Week 23

Another lazy week, haven't found that motivation yet to do anything.

Week 22

I've slacked off this last week and haven't done anything. No real excuses just laziness creeping back in. I need to re focus and look forward to the longer goal of running again. I need to keep up my cross training so I've got at least an average level of fitness for when I start running again.

Weight as at end of May , 93 kg.

Week 21

Wed, Swim 1000m, 31 minutes
Tue, Exercycle, 35 minutes

Week 20

Bike, 17.4 mile
Swim ,1600 m
Exercycle, 105 minutes

Sat , Bike ride, North shore 17.4 miles, 78 minutes
Fri, Swim , 900 m, 29 minutes
Thur, Exercycle , 55 minutes
Wed, Swim 700 m, 21 minutes
Tue, Exercycle , 50 minutes

Week 19

Sat, Bike, 8.5 miles, 38 minutes
Thur,Exercycle, 50 minutes
Wed, Swim, 550 m, 17 minutes

Week 18

Sun, Bike ride, 17.2 miles, North Shore 17 mile loops, 80 minutes

Weight 93 kg
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