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20 Miler - Check

Posted Sep 25 2009 3:32pm
First - I want to take a moment and congratulate all of my fellow blog peeps who finished the San Francisco Half/Full marathon today! Way to go chicrunner, Planet Ynnep Running, L.A. Runner and Fit Life SF!

On the running front - I finished my first 20 miler on this training cycle yesterday. This was only my second ever. Woo hoo! It really wasn;t a bad as I thought it was going to be. I took it slow and easy and tried to stay comfortable. Final stats - 20 miles in 3:52 and change and an average heart rate of 75% of max. I don't care what you try to tell me - 20 miles is a long way. Being out in the sun for nearly 4 hours is a whole worout on its own. I am in awe of those folks that I read that are doing their 20 mile runs in 3 hours or less. That is friggin' amazing!

I took a little break Friday night and went to the Orange County Fair for a concert and some good down home fair food. My youngest son wanted to go to a concert, so we shelled out $20 a ticket and saw " X". How could we go wrong? This is a band that was popular back when I was in college in the late 70's and early 80's! It was strange seeing a bunch of grey haired people in punk garb! But it was a great show! Who would have thought that a bunch of 60 year olds on stage could still shell out the punk!

Sorry for the bad quality - this was video'd from my iPhone:


But -the best was yet to come! After the concert we roamed the pathways for Fair Food! Yummy! I pigged out on a good old fashioned funnel cake and a deep fried twinkie! Call it carb loading for Saturday morning! Mmmmm!

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