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2 Week Weigh-In

Posted Jan 21 2013 9:02pm
Saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a cute visual aid!

It has been 2 weeks since Ray and I started the first phase of The Dash Diet and I am down 9 pounds! I am really sort of shocked because we cheated a couple of times! Not too bad, but we did have a glass of wine Friday night! We also ate lunch at an Italian restaurant last weekend and OBVIOUSLY had a few carbs there, but at least we kept the portions pretty low!

So far it hasn't been too bad. I've had a couple of cravings....frozen yogurt and ice cream have been in my dreams a couple of times, but I managed to get by with sugar free jello....MOST of the time! I did have a SMALL lowfat frozen yogurt last weekend!

Ray has done really well on the diet also. I'm sure he's lost more weight than I have....but then he's a MAN! SOOOO not fair how that works! 

I am really happy with the progress so far. Of course, I know that the weight loss will slow down and that's okay, as long as the numbers on the scale continue to move on down!

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