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2.6 Miles in 20 Minutes: Treadmill time constraints!

Posted Jan 09 2010 11:07am
This morning I was very excited about my run. In fact, I got to the gym at around 9:00am to see if I could hop on an treadmill, get my run in, and head home before 10:00. Well, to my surprise, the LA Fitness was already packed and there was a line of people waiting on treadmills because it was so cold outside.

Now, I don't mind waiting my turn, at all. No big deal, really. I am patient. However, when I wait 20 minutes to jump on a treadmill and I am forced to get off the treadmill in 20 minutes, that's when things get a bit more bitter.

Personally, I'm not able to really get a good workout going in 20 minutes. I guess it would be a good warm-up to then go do something else in the gym, but when you go to the gym specifically to use the treadmill and you only get 20 minutes to barrel through a couple of miles, the benefits are not there.

So today, just like every other runner, walker, and jogger on a treadmill at LA Fitness, I caved and stopped my run at 20 minutes. If I had another 10 minutes I would have been VERY happy, but with 20 minutes it just didn't seem to fulfill my needs!

In conclusion, if anyone from LA Fitness is reading this, please extend the usage of exercise equipment to 30 minutes when there is a wait. You will have more healthy patrons, and less unfulfilled ones.

My 2 cents.
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