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17 Day Diet Update

Posted Mar 26 2012 11:35am

Welcome to Day 8 of my 17 Day Diet!  I have survived the weekend and starting a new week with only 9 days to go!!  I’m down 4 pounds with some crazy energy going on.  I have, however gotten behind on my daily updates. So for those of you who have been asking me about my diet and what I think of it, here you go………..

1. The diet has been relatively simple and easy. No crazy things like no veggies or no fruit. I do not like diets that leave out food groups such as the veggies and fruits.  So A+ for that.

2. I have had some hard core cravings for mexican food!  I LOVE mexican food so that’s been really hard. C-

3. Energy has doubled in the last few days. It feel like I had a ton of caffeine but I haven’t. Another A+

4.  I was really hungry the first couple of days but now I’m just not that hungry so for the FIRST EVER I’m having a bit of trouble taking in the 1700 calories that I’ve set for myself.  A+

With all that said, I would say, for an over-the-counter diet at this point its not too bad.  I’m comfortable with it and other than the no mexican food thing I would say my next 9 days should be productive.  I’m excited!! So ready for the 18th day weigh in!!


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