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17 Day Diet- Day 8

Posted Mar 27 2012 12:51pm

Well yesterday was day 8 of this 17 day cycle and by far the strangest I guess you could say. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat.

Breakfast- Just yogurt. And it seem to grow in the bowl.

Lunch- few bites of chicken, didn’t want that so my hubby dearest brought me my fave………steamed snow peas and chicken; didn’t want that. So finally I had a Smoothie King Gladiator 32 oz.  45 grams of protein. I had strawberries and blackberries added. Finally full and satisfied.

No snack.

Dinner-Just part of a steak.

I know I didn’t eat all my calories but I would have rather gagged than ate yesterday.  Very strange for someone who loves food as much as I do.  Also the scale didn’t move. 4 pounds when I weighed in which is fine b/c that’s probably just water weight.  I think I’ve heard the first 10lbs is normally water weight so you know, it’s all good.  At least I’m motivated, excited and on the right track. That’s what counts.

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