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17 Day Diet- Day 1

Posted Mar 19 2012 11:51am


Yep, it’s come to this.  A diet from a book. I’m even rolling my  eyes at me because I try so hard to not be that person.  I know what I should and shouldn’t do but just like my running, I think about my nutrition way too much and before you know it I’m frustrated and just saying “Whatever.”

Here’s the thing about this “diet” I like is I have fruits, veggies, protein and healthy fat. No food groups left out.  Yes carbohydrates are limited by cutting out”white bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, chocolate, biscuits and sugary desserts and sweets.”  So based off of what I’ve read I feel like this is a good straight to the point book/diet. I can’t have a lot of options or otherwise I lie to myself and starting justifying the unjustifiable.  The only thing I have a problem with is “Do not eat any fruit after 2:00 p.m.  Fruit is a carb. The timing of carbohydrate intake is very important. I’ve found that carbs eaten early in the day supply the body with only enough fuel “in the form of glycogen stored in muscles) to energize the body the rest of the day.”  I would be interested to know what my dietitian friends think of this. I really should have became a dietitian.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Anyways, so here I am day one.  Fingers are crossed and I’m ready to do the work.  You know what they say, ” You don’t get what you want by wishing for it, you get what you want by working for it.”

Have you tried the 17 Day Diet, if so what’s your thoughts and opinions?

P.S. I’ll be using my BodyMedia while I’m doing this!!


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