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13 Miles, My Post-Run Soreness Plan of Attack, and Some FAQs

Posted Aug 13 2011 6:39pm
The good news: this run was on par with my half-marathon PR !

The not-so-great news: I stopped way too much during this one. The first break was at Mile 3 (3!) because I felt a little nauseated. (I don't think lemonade-flavored Gatorade agreed with me.) Then I felt fine until around Mile 7, when my right hamstring started I wasn't in pain and wanted to keep trying to hit my pace, I stopped to stretch at every mile after that. Since I kept it all every close to 9:00/per mile (fastest was 8:54, slowest was 9:02, woohoo!), I was happy with the end result.

As I start inching closer to goal pace, I'm starting to anticipate some post-run soreness soon afterwards, which as evidenced last Sunday, can put a damper on the rest of my weekend plans. Not wanting to deal with this tonight/tomorrow, I did some damage control as soon as I got home.

First up, an ice bath
Not mine. I'm too much of a spaz to risk dropping my camera in the tub.
Then some pool stretching
And finally, refueling the best way I know how
What dreams are made of.
Lately I've been getting a bunch of questions about my running habits, so I thought I'd tackle some of them here
Do you just jump out of bed and get running in the morning? No. On weekdays, I just need a few minutes to get going. Alarm goes off at 7, I chug some coffee, put my contacts in, brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed and I'm out the door by 7:15. For weekend long runs, I take 30-45 so that I have time to eat. I wake up, have the coffee and a tall glass of half Gatorade, half water. Breakfast is usually two pieces of whole grain toast with Nutella. Then I'll get ready, check e-mail and such, roll out the yoga mat for 200 stomach crunches (extra wake-up aid), grab everything else I need and I'm out.

Do you run with your phone? Nevarrrrrrr! Actually, mostly never-- I'll bring it when I'm running in unfamiliar territory, like last week at Memorial Park when it might have have been dark. (Hey, that rhymed.) But I usually run unplugged because A. The BlackBerry is heavy and I'm liable to punt it into the street when my hands get sweaty. B. No one is calling me at 7 a.m. anyway (and if you are, you can wait an hour). and C. If someone texted/e-mailed/Facebooked/Tweeted me mid-run, I would totally stop to read it. And reply to it. Not good. (P.S.: I finally ordered myself a Road ID last week. Stay tuned for an update on that.)

Where do you get your workout clothes? Target. Old Navy. Sometimes at The Sports Authority. I'd rather invest in good pairs of shoes than drop $$$ on stuff I'm going to sweat all over. I don't think I've ever even set foot in Lululemon...

What do you carry when you run? I'm such a minimalist-- I'll wear my Garmin and iPod and carry my keys if they don't fit in my teeny pockets. For long runs, I'll also stash gels/shot blocks and some cash in case I decide I want froyoGatorade for the ride back. Tip: Keep your cash in a ziploc. Vending machines do not accept sweat.

Do you pause your watch when you stop or walk? Yes. On long runs, I stop quite a bit for water, and whether I'm walking around or not at these points, I always, always pause the Garmin . I don't plan on walking any of 26.2 (I've never walked in a race before), so 100 percent of what's recorded in training are miles ran.

Do you plan out your long run routes? I always have an idea of how I want to do my long runs, but I almost never end up following them. For example, today I thought I'd finish at Hermann Park and take the train back. Then I changed my mind and thought I'd figure out how to end right at home. Then I realized I was way too far for that to end up being "just" 13, so I finished in the middle of campus and caught the train back two stops closer than originally planned. This is what an indecisive runner's Garmin maps often look like

Doesn't marathon training kind of take over your social life? The high mileage tries to get in the way sometimes... (Work friends: "Whatareyoudoingtonight??" EB: "Crashing like an old lady because I have to run 15 miles in the morning; pleasedontforgetaboutmetomorrow!") Otherwise, no. (The pros of being an early-morning runner!)

Anything else you want to know? Any tips for me as I gear up for next weekend's 18 miler? (Dun, dun dun...)

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