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13.1 in the park...or 13.2

Posted Aug 16 2009 12:00am

Saturday morning was run of two loops around Central Park (13.1 miles) scheduled to start at 7am, neither of which seems quite as long or quite as early as it once did (awk). By the time we had warmed-up it was 7:40am and it was quickly becoming a HOT HOT day! I had been a bit dehydrated from the day before and with the heat the whole run was a struggle to keep myself hydrated enough. I think during the whole run I must have had 10 cups of water and several stops at water fountains!!!!...not ideal. On a good note I finally tried the Chocolate Outrage GU at mile 7 and I think it worked pretty well. :) After two loops around we came back to our starting spot and I saw on my Garmin that we had done 13.1 miles. Since I was not doing the half-marathon that day, I wanted to do the same amount of miles and I was convinced that I had to do 13.2 so I went and ran 0.1 more miles. Little did I realize that 26.2 divided by two is 13.1 and I had already done the distance of a half. I guess after running simple arithmetic skills are the first to go for me. However, overall, it was great fun and after a group of us went to celebrate with brunch on the Upper West Side. :)

distance: 13.2 miles
time: 02:02:32
average pace: 9:16 min/mile

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