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11 Miles and friendly strangers

Posted Sep 03 2012 6:47pm
This morning's 11 miler was awesome! There was a small breeze, and it was just lightly misting, not a hard rain. It was bliss! At about 5 miles, my hip started hurting real bad, and it didn't stop the whole time. I just pushed through it though, nothing was going to stop me from completing 11 miles!
 As I was running, I passed (yes, I said passed) a guy running. He passed me shortly after that, he wasn't gonna get beat by a girl. But it was still nice for a few minutes! About an hour later, while I'm still running, a truck slows down and it's the same guy. He introduced himself and said he bought me a bottle of water! It was ice cold and pretty much the best thing I've ever tasted. He told me his name was Lance and he said "thank you for inspiring me to keep running." Then he just told me to be careful out there.
 How sweet was that! I just love nice people. :)
Since I am the Google queen, when I got home I googled why my hip might've been hurting during my run. First of all, I think it's because of my shoes. They're probably at least 3 years old, and anytime I run more than 3 miles, I get blisters. :(  I must get new shoes before my Half!
Secondly, it's because when running on the side of the road, on the asphalt, one side slopes down a little bit on the side. So, my right side is a little higher than my left, which would make my right hip hurt! It's strange that didn't happen on my 10 miler last time though.
 Last time after finishing the 10, I didn't think I could possibly do 13. But this time, I thought I believe I can do 13! 
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