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10k Frenzy - Ashburn Village 10k

Posted May 22 2011 2:22pm
A couple of great things about the race:

My teammate Kathy won the 5k for the second year in a row! Woot!

My other teammates twin, kicked booty at the 10k and came in 2nd! Woot!

I on the other hand, fell apart. I:

Went out too fast.
Had a couple of drinks the night before the race. I try to stay away from any alcohol the week before my races, and lately it's only been about every two weeks. But we were cleaning the house all day, we ran into friends at the place we were dining and I just wanted to relax.
I was on my feet all day Saturday cleaning the house (it was really dirty and it was the big SPRING cleaning).
As part of the spring cleaning, I mopped the tile in the bathroom and then walked right back into the room, completely forgetting that I had just mopped it. Wound up doing a Scooby-Doo and landed on my hip. I thought I had twisted my knee, but that wound up being okay, my hip, calf and back have been bothering me since. My back really started bothering me during the race and when I ran to my dad's to change shoes, I bent over and could really feel it.It was hot. 66* at the start and I am just not acclimated to the heat.I wore my HR monitor instead of my garmin, I was pretty sure I would be at ease on that course, but that was a mistake. I should have worn the garmin to insure I didn't go out too fast.
  • I wore my Brooks T7's and I'm still not sure for this distance they were the best, but there were so many other factors that I can't say I don't like them for this distance.
  • That's it. It just wasn't a good race for me, clearly I'm not in as good as shape as I thought going into the frenzy I would be, but this race was no good through no fault but my own.

    Next week is the Cascades 10k. I will wear my Garmin. I will not drink. I will see my chiro and try not to fall down during the week. I will wear my 890's as a test race for the 1/2. I will hope for cooler weather or a smarter start. I will learn from my mistakes. My only goal is to run a smarter race.

    That's all.

    Dash out.
    It's okay Dash, next time.
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